Thursday, May 7, 2009

May Day, delayed

We finally managed to have our May Day party on Sunday, two days late. Only one of the neighbor girls could attend, but the May Queen had had enough of waiting and putting it off, and would wait no more. Bad weather was threatening, and we had already had a spot or two of rain, so we quickly danced around the may pole before heading in for some crafts.

The party was decidedly more low key than last year, and I didn't feel as prepared or "on" as I did at our first annual celebration. But The May Queen was thrilled, and even came up with some crafts on her own that she led us in (like making fairies out of only pipe cleaners and dragonflies out of paper and paperclips)
The flower friend fairies were fun to make and turned out very cute. The craft that was supposed to be made out of prints from flower petals was a complete and utter bust... the petals made a gross mess all over the paper, and that was that.

The flowers from the soda bottles were the biggest hit, and very fun to make.

As we were working on the crafts it began to rain. We sat on our porch and enjoyed the sound on the metal roof. I stepped inside to wash some paint brushes in the sink when I heard this loud banging from the porch. The girls began yelling. "There's ICE falling from the sky!"

Now, I don't think it's supposed to HAIL at a May Day party. It just seems wrong. Hail the size of rubber bouncy balls fell from the sky, and bounced through the grass. I tried to get pictures, but failed.

Then the hail stopped, and rain came down about as hard as I've ever seen. Can you see it streaming down, over the sides of our gutters? It was impressive. And LOUD. Thunder rolled. The wind blew the rain in through the screens and we quickly scooped up our crafts and moved them inside to dry.

And then I think we played hide and seek.

The May Queen thinks the party was a success. And thus, so do I.
Thank you for your kind words of encouragement on my last post. Things went much better at our final dress rehearsal tonight, including the light. We even had a small, invited audience. The director overheard one lady as she left. She said "They were all good, but that young lady was brilliant." BRILLIANT. Somehow, I feel a little better.
Next Monday's Mission is to write a post that contains as many Song Titles as possible. Mad has informed me that she is planning to win The Most Song Titles in a Blog Post Ever prize. That sounds like a challenge to me. The gauntlet has been thrown down. Will YOU rise to the occasion?


Anonymous said...

Spectacular! MQ is so creative. (Fiona is, too; sometimes it's a lot of work keeping up with her!)

Bon said...

hail at a MayDay party does seem wrong, utterly.

we missed our first invite to a maypole party this year...we were out of town, but i was sad. i've never done it and would like to. your pics made me want to even more.

and most song titles, huh? that IS a challenge.

kaye said...

what an interesting day, hail and rain in torrents! I'm glad it was dry long enough to make the May Queen Happy.

Tina said...

It sounds like you had a great May Day party even with the bad weather. It's great that MQ is so creative!

Rima said...

Those pop bottle flower crafts are very cute. And I'd say there's nothing like a good hail storm to make a may day party interesting!

Aunt Becky said...

Unreal. You guys are so much more creative than I'll ever be. And that MQ? GORGEOUS.

Kyla said...

Since it it your official holiday, I think you can celebrate it any time you want!

Woman in a Window said...

Now, a big thundercrasher (minus the hail) does seem pretty fitting for May.

Glad the play is holding up! It'll be great.

Wayfarer Scientista said...

Awww....well, Happy May! Glad the party was a sucess.