Sunday, May 24, 2009

My summer rehab program

I began my summer vacation with closing weekend of my play. I then found myself in serious withdrawal... I spent evenings staring into space and fighting off the shakes. I felt purposeless and lost. I took on a rigorous course of rehabilitation, filling my time with a visit from my grandfather, the running of Vacation Bible School, teaching of drama camp, a vacation to Tennessee and camping in North Carolina, another 2 week session of camp (this time teaching about another of my loves: Sharks!), the leading of a Theatre of the Oppressed workshop, and a trip to Cabo. All this busy-ness helped ward off the shakes and feelings of hopelessness and loss, but as summer drew to a close and the May Queen returned to school I found myself jonesing again for the stage. It now consumes my thoughts. I'm pretty sure I'm about to fall off the wagon. And I think I'll like it.

This post has been a Monday Mission. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a post in the style of a "What I did on my Summer Vacation" essay. As you see, mine forecasts what my summer will be like. Get creative with yours. Then come back here and post a link in the widget below. This is our last Mission before our summer hiatus. Let's make it a good one!

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kayerj said...

I loved your post--I posted too, but I'm having major problems with blogger today :(

Mad said...

It sounds like a vacation that will keep you hopping.

I have to bow out this week. I'm still twitchy from the last mission.

flutter said...

you are so much fun, you know?

Anonymous said...

Summertime is grand. I can't wait.

Here's mine.

niobe said...

I would love to take a class on sharks from you!

Cold Spaghetti said...

I had no idea you were into Boal.

This type of theatre work is what put me on the path I'm on.

Trying to figure out why we haven't managed to cross paths yet...?!?

Run ANC said...

It is like an addiction, isn't it? And just a wee little bit like PPD after a show closes. And sadly, the only cure is to get in another show.

Girlplustwo said...

you are a one woman community organizer. i love that about you.