Monday, May 18, 2009

Drinks on the House

Scene 1. A kitchen counter at a cast party

Glass of Pina Colada: I am cool and refreshing, drink up.

a little while later...

Blender: All this Pina Colada is slowly melting over here. Glass, wouldn't you like a refill?

Glass of Pina Colada: Why yes, yes I would, if I could just get this tall girl to walk me over there.

Blender: There's not enough for two glasses, so go ahead and just fill yourself to the top.

Glass of Pina Colada: Don't mind if I do.

a little while later...

Glass of Riesling: I love how I get my own special glass.

Glass of Eiswein: Me too!

Glass of Riesling: Drink me, drink me!

Glass of Eiswein: No, me first!

a little while later...

Glass of Riesling: (to the glass that once held the Eiswein) Ha ha. She may have finished drinking you first but she liked me better. She refilled me. Twice. Or was it three times? I've lost count.

Scene 2. A different kitchen counter. The next day.

Mug of Chai Tea: I'm not sure I'm going to be strong enough for you, Ms. Maypole.

This post has been a bit of a cheat of a Monday Mission. The actual Mission is to write a post as a discussion between characters or bloggers or historical figures. Mad did this brilliantly, and I thought it would be fun to imagine a conversation between characters from different sources. My brain is just not functioning at its highest capacity today. See above.

But hey, check these blurbs from a review out:

"The production... boasts a small but high caliber cast whose acting abilities keep the audience on the edge of their seats until the very end."

"Accomplished [Painted Maypole] gives a compelling performance as Catherine..."

(Should I forget to tell you that the review is from a paper I had never, ever heard of?)

Anyhow... if you would like to try your hand at the Monday Mission (and feel free to bend the rules a bit, I'm feeling a little generous today. As long as you don't talk too loudly) put a link to your post in the widget below.

And join me next week, when your Monday Mission is to write your post in the style of a "what I did on summer vacation" essay.


kayerj said...

congratulations on the review, sounds like you had a good reason to celebrate.

kayerj said...

I had a little trouble with Mr. Linky today--I did do the mission :)

Jen said...

Congrats on the review and on what sounds like it was a good cast party. I think I'd need coffee over that chai, though. ;-)

ewe are here said...

heh heh

Anonymous said...

Augh, the eiswein. It's that high-sugar content alcohol that does one in.

Congratulations on the review! whispers: yay!

Kyla said...

*whispering* Very funny. Congrats on the excellent review!

Mad said...

Cast parties are the best and the worst, aren't they? Congratulations on your highly successful performance (both in the flesh and in writing).

BTW, I am working on the Monday Mission (how could I not?) but I'm in zealous overachiever mode. It may take a day or two to get it done.

alejna said...

That is a fabulous review! You are Accomplished, indeed!

I also enjoyed the drinky dialog, though I am unfamiliar with a couple of the characters. (Riesling and Eiswein? Never met them. Maybe I need to go to more cast parties.) The conclusion of your play was inspired.

painted maypole said...

Riesling and Eiswein are both German wines. When the hostess was pouring me a glass of Riesling and a friend was asking if that was from her trip to Germany we got talking and I mentioned how my friends stationed in Germany have gone on and on about how great Eiswein is, and lo and behold my hostess produced a bottle of Eiswein, uncorked it, and poured me a glass (which is how I came to have a glass of wine in each hand, much to the delight of my castmates). Eiswein is a dessert wine, and a bit sweet and syrupy for my taste. Not bad, but not one I would choose normally.

E said...

"congratulations"...whispered MrsP


Unknown said...

Do a YouTube search for "Jim Breuer - Party in the Stomach" for a very funny and similar thing.

Creative-Type Dad said...

Great review! Congrats

imbeingheldhostage said...

Wow, GREAT reviews, congrats!!

Mad said...

Done. 2 days late, alas.

Magpie said...

Good job on the reviews!

Unknown said...

Don't mix yer liquor. That's my only advise, because you are obviously doing other things exceptionally well!

Run ANC said...

If the drinks are talking to you, you may have a slight drinking problem.

I'm just sayin'.

Drinks ALWAYS talk to me, though. And I talk back.