Saturday, September 15, 2007

Swamp thing

We have a friend in from out of town, plus I spent all day yesterday scrapbooking with a friend, so I have not had much time to blog or read blogs. But today we did get to go on a swamp tour, which was very cool. I share with you a few alligator pictures taken just this morning:

This alligator was fondly referred to as "Jumper" by the the tour guide. She was the first one we saw, and he knew right where to find her. This hot dog had been allowed to ripen for several days. She seemed to like it.

We went down the Pearl River, which is where the eye of Hurricane Katrina came up, and although the river has been greatly cleaned up we still saw some debris, including an entire wall with an air conditioner attached.

If you would like to play along with this week's Monday Mission write a post in the style of a resume. I'll try to get mine up late Sunday night, as usual, and then you can come and post the link to yours!

Hope you are having a great weekend!


slouching mom said...

Those are some way cool pictures!

But the hot dog left to ripen -- that kinda turned my stomach inside out, I gotta say.

Chaotic Joy said...

Oooh. I love scrapbooking. The Alligators are creepy cool. Enjoy your time with your friend.

Candygirlflies said...

Zoinks. Those pix remind me of one of my kids' favourite songs:

Five little monkeys swingin' in a tree,
Along came a crocodile quiet as can be,
The first monkey said, "You can't catch MEEEE!!"

Yessir, especially that "SNAP!!" part.

Beck said...

Eeeek. That's an ALLIGATOR. Eating a ROTTEN HOT DOG.
Just eeeeeek.

thirtysomething said...

Yikes! Cool, though.
And scrapbooking--WAY fun. I love scrapbooking.

Emily said...

THose are really cool pictures. Alligators are way cool animals.

niobe said...

I once saw an albino alligator. Very, very creepy.

Bon said...

sweet merciful jeebus.

i have apparently just discovered two new phobias...alligators and hot dogs.

shudder. great photos's just the being in proximity to TAKE the photos that scares me senseless.

thailandchani said...

Great pictures.... and I must admit seeing them photographically is much better than seeing them in person! :)



Julie Pippert said...

Oh the gator and the hot dog...that's just not right!

And the mission! I need to get in the habit of remembering it. I can possibly modify my Monday post for it. Will see!

Using My Words

carrie said...


Wayfarer Scientista said...

Well, I for one LOVE tht photos of the gator and am super glad you shared this picture - these guys genes are among some of the oldest on the planet - we could learn a thing or two about adaptability from them!

Oh, The Joys said...

Who knew alligators liked hot dogs?!

soccer mom in denial said...

I think we went on that tour pre-kids. My young-ins couldn't handle that. The animal tour in Folsom is more up their ally.

But then I just love feeding those giraffe!

WorksForMom said...

Wow, very cool pictures. I was excited to see my neighbor's new pet rabbit - and YOU got to see an alligator - very cool.