Friday, September 21, 2007

Interview - now with photo!

A few weeks ago the wonderful Chani over at Thailand Gal was interviewed for the "Getting to Know You" Meme, and offered to interview anyone who asked. I took a deep breath and asked to be interviewed. I was a bit nervous because I knew that Chani would ask some deep, searching questions. And indeed, she did. Here are my attempts to answer them.

1) You are Kathleen Blanco and it is the day after the storm. What is the first thing you do in your role as governor?
My initial reaction to this was "weep uncontrollably in the corner," but as I figured that was inadequate, I've been trying to come up with an answer. However, this question is proving the most difficult, for several reasons. First of all, it feels a lot like Monday Morning Quarterbacking... we know so much more now than we did that day after the storm. Also, I am becoming acutely aware of how little I know about what a governor actually does. (I should just cheat and ask my husband, I bet he has an opinion on this!) I've done a wee bit of research on this today, besides the crazy CNN addiction I had in the weeks following Katrina, and yet I still feel at quite a loss. But this I will say: I would declare a state of emergency. I would use every resource I have to GET PEOPLE OUT OF NEW ORLEANS. (I know there were snipers and looters - I have friends with stories that would creep you out - but why is it that news crews were filming the people outside of the convention center and not loading them into their choppers? Why wasn't every chopper in America outside the convention center loading people?) I would have allowed Red Cross into the city (Blanco didn't). And, I hope with all my heart, I would have MADE decisions. I cannot begin to guess all the decisions Blanco had to make in those first few days after Katrina hit, but I do know that she took too long to make decisions. Precious time and resources were wasted. I will also say, even though this was a few months or so later, that I would not have gone through with the plans to renovate my offices with taxpayers money while the rest of state struggled to survive. Sigh. This question is stressing me out. Next.

2) What should be the number one rule of parenting?

3) When the May Queen grows up, what do you hope will be the primary lesson she carries through life?
This is really hard to narrow down, but I think it all comes down to LOVE. I hope that for her whole life she carries with her the knowledge that she is deeply loved by us and by God, and that she should live her life as a response to that love. I hope that being deeply loved allows her to live a life where she readily gives love, showers grace upon herself and the world around her, and feels called to help others.

4) As a liberal Christian, how do you interpret these words of Jesus: "How hard it will be for those who have riches to enter the kingdom of God! . . . it is easier for a camel (rope) to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. (Mk 10:23b, 25)
Well, I think the answer lies within the greater context of this verse. If you just look at this verse, I think that Jesus was saying that those who are rich have a hard time depending on God, and rather look to their wealth. However, the point of the story is much bigger. This story begins with a rich man (he is called such in Luke's telling of this story) asking Jesus "What can I do to have eternal life?" Ultimately, he is asking the wrong question. It is not what he (the man) can do, but rather, what JESUS can do (Jesus looked at them and said, "there are some things that people cannot do, but God can do anything." Mark 10:27). People use the verse you quoted all the time to condemn the rich. And certainly there are lots of times in the bible where Jesus urges us not to store up treasures on earth, but rather in heaven. However, this verse is not just about the wealthy. The point being made is for EVERYONE. We can not follow a certain set of rules or guidelines and earn eternal life for ourselves. The only way we can receive eternal life is through God's GRACE, made manifest through His son, Jesus.

5) What resonated with you most about the character Helena in Midsummer Night's Dream? How are you most like her?
My most immediate draw to Helena was her height. I am 5'10", and have always towered above most of my friends. I have felt awkward and been very aware of this difference. Also, particularly when I was younger, I have felt like the loser in the game of love, and so Helena's desperation, her unrequited adoration of Demetrius, and her foolhardy chasing of him into the woods rang true to me. And she's just fun to play!

yes, that's me as the lovesick Helena, summer 2000

photo taken by my husband

6) What is the next Monday Mission Topic?
Okay, Chani didn't really ask this question. But I wanted to give you a heads up. If you want to participate in the Monday Missions, write a post in the form of a rejection letter. Come back here on Monday and add the link to your post in the fun widget at the end of mine. It's that easy! :) I've had a lot of fun with these Monday Missions, they really challenge me to write in a different style. I encourage you to give it a shot.

So... that's the interview! ;) If you would like me to interview you, leave me a comment (and your e-mail, or just send me an e-mail at pntdmaypole AT yahoo DOT com) and let me know. I'll send you 5 questions. If you dare. ;)


slouching mom said...

Excellent questions and thoughtful answers. A wonderful pairing!

I so agree with your number one rule of parenting.

jen said...

i love chani's questions. and i so love your answers. your view on your faith is stikes me deeply.

soccer mom in denial said...

Wow - Kathleen Blanco? Brilliant questions. And equally brilliant answers.

Me! Me! Please interview me!

amitchells [AT] yahoo [DOT] com

bubandpie said...

Very good answers - especially to #4!

Beck said...

What fun answers! I loved reading this - and how pretty you were as Helena!

Candygirlflies said...

Wonderful, thoughtful answers, and a lovely photo!

xo CGF

carrie said...

Great interview and lovely you in that photo -- inspires me to re-read Midsummer Night's Dream and get re-aquainted with your character!

Aliki2006 said...

I love your answers to #1 and #2 and, in fact, ALL your answers!

Catherine said...

I just love the interview meme. And these are GREAT questions...and GREAT answers! Way to go. :)

My name is Rima. said...

I must echo everyone's comments about your very thoughtful answers to some serious questions.

And I must say that I am extremely jealous of your having played the beautiful Helena! Back in my college days, I was just dying to play Hermia (I'm short) in our production of Midsummer Night's Dream. But I got stuck as Mote, the fairy. Ah, such is life . . .

Amy York said...

That was great to read! I love getting to know my favorite bloggers a little deeper...
Oh, and I dare:
And that picture is just lovely ~ you are as pretty outside as you are inside!

Karen said...

you are a very lovely Helena! Great questions and answers - if you aren't booked solid, send me some interview questions. this game is fun and it's been a while since I played along!

Emily said...

I loved your answer to #1.

Chani sent me questions, too, and I am going to answer them this week. But, I'd like a set from you, too!
emily dot r dot rosenbaum at gmail dot com

Christine said...

oh i would so love to see you act sometime!

i loved learning more about you. thanks pm and chani!

Jen M. said...

You are an ethereal Helena. Thanks for the heads up for Monday - I'm on it! And maybe even up for an interview (I think....)

nomotherearth said...

So is that Demetrius or Lysander in the picture? I love production shots. What a great one of you!

thailandchani said...

Awesome answers.. and with a picture, too! :) Love it!

I am with Jen. Your views on faith really do resonate with me.



Emily said...

Thought provoking answers and questions. I love reading Chani, but have yet to be brave enough to comment.
I love reading the Monday Missions, and one of these weeks, I'll give it a shot.

painted maypole said...

That's Demetrius in the photo

those of you wanting to be interviewed... give me a bit to come up with questions. I'll get to you all, I promise!