Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving: Daily Gratitude 26

I'm grateful for a loud and full Thanksgiving celebration: for stampeding children and piles of tasty food and flowing wine and the convergence of family. I'm grateful for an adorable nephew who shares my love of sharks and insists that he hates when I give him a zerbert (aka "raspberry") but keeps coming back for more, amidst peals of laughter.

And thousands of miles away, I'm reminded how thankful I am for my husband, who is generous enough to share his wife and daughter with other family, while he is home alone. Who for 13 years has been steady and sure, providing for me and for our daughter. Who has allowed me much freedom to do the things I love.

And, of course, I am grateful for The May Queen. Her presence in my life has taught me things about love I didn't know I had to learn.

I am blessed beyond measure.


Jen said...

Wonderful post, PM! I'm thankful for the same things, albeit different names. ;-)

We are blessed, indeed.

alejna said...

That is a whole lot to be thankful for. You have a wonderful family!

Aunt Becky said...

You are so, so blessed. So am I. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.