Monday, November 9, 2009

Ida Disappearing: Daily Gratitude 9

I am grateful that Hurricane Ida became a tropical storm, and now is barely a blip on our radar.

Because although I know that technically the hurricane season runs through the end of November.... seriously? A Hurricane?

Make mine tall and on ice, please.

I'm also grateful that the May Queen's school didn't jump the gun and cancel school or end it early (like so many schools in the area). Because those few hours of downtown this afternoon? I needed them. Particularly since tomorrow I'm booked (and often, double booked!) from 9am till 10pm.


kayerj said...

I'm grateful it was downgraded too. We were in New Orlean's once when there were 40 mph winds. I'd never seen anything like it--that was enough to scare me.

kayerj said...

oh and I mention you in my post today and have a little something for you if you want it. the link is here

Kat said...

Yeah for downgrades! Whew!

Louise said...

Perfect. Need a "like" button here!