Saturday, November 7, 2009

It coulda been worse: Daily Gratitude 7

I am grateful that I have AAA, who sent someone to change my tire when I got a flat after hitting a monster pothole on the way home from rehearsals. (NOLA is notorious for her potholes. They are wretched. I am not at all thankful for the potholes, and wish I could send my tire repair bill to the city, thankyouverymuch)

I am grateful for the 2 kind men who stopped to assist me as I tried to change the tire myself (and grateful that the AAA guy showed up way earlier than promised).

I am grateful for my friends who watched the May Queen for 11 hours today while I attended 2 rehearsals (and waited for my tire to be changed).

I am grateful for a glass of wine at the end of a loooooooong day.

Reminder: Your Monday Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a post in the style of a menu. Yes waiter, I'm ready to order...


Kyla said...

Was it like that Geico pothole commercial? That one cracks me up.

Enjoy that sound like you deserve it!

Louise said...

Holy cow. I'm grateful the two nice people stopping to help were really nice people!