Monday, March 16, 2009

Welcome to the PLAY OF THE MONTH club

Current Show

now with 45% more Painted Maypole for your viewing pleasure

Serving Size: about 2 hours
Servings per performance: appx. 55

Ingredients: marriage proposals, bad language, sexual situations, direct audience address, bell ringing, yelling, kisses, yeses, nos. May include trace amounts of tender moments and Drakkar Noir.

Nutritional Information
Contains 94.3% of your recommended daily laughter (based on a 2000 recommended laughs per day diet)

Not a significant source of deep thought or vitamin D

FDA Warning: not recommended for individuals allergic to foul language or sexual innuendo, or those who have given up a sense of humor for Lent (or longer)

Please enjoy your theatre responsibly


This post has been a Monday Mission. Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a post in the style of a food label. Write your post and put a little link in the widget below!


And as long as we're in the kitchen, let me give you this little piece of advice... never leave your mixer running unattended with a spatula still in the bowl or THIS might happen to your beaters:

from a PLASTIC spatula (which, by the way, is completely unharmed)
Sure hope I can buy replacements online.

Upcoming Monday Missions:
3/23 - March Madness - playoff description
3/30 - an (early) April Fool's story


kaye said...

great label--A good laugh is always nice.

And speaking of laughs--the tragedy of the beaters!

and I actually made two buttons. I put the other one up for you to see. You are more than welcome to use them.

Barrie said...

Who knew a plastic spatula had it in him?!

Kyla said...

A plastic spatula? Wow!

Mad said...

That's a whole lot of laughter. A very filling dish indeed.

Mad said...

That story you just left at my place is HIGH-larious. I'm still chuckling.

Woman in a Window said...

OK, those beaters bring me great joy. (sorry)

And hoot, hoot for lewd!