Sunday, March 22, 2009

March Monday Mission Madness

It's Monday. It's March. There's a Mission. It's Madness.

The Mission for today is to write a post in the style of March Madness playoff coverage.

I've never been a big sports person, although I did get into basketball a bit in high school when my friend played on the girls varsity team, making it to the state championships. Around that time the Detroit Pistons were winning lots, and I knew a guy who was a ball boy, so I would watch games on occasion. Plus, basketball has rules I can follow, and is much more straightforward than football, a sport which, despite many explanations from my husband, still eludes me. I get all the downs and such now, but really... why all the rules? Put the ball in the basket, get points. I can follow basketball (I can follow baseball, too, if I don't fall asleep first. Would something please HAPPEN?!).

Anyhow, all that sports babbling is basically to say that when I first dreamed of this mission, I thought I would actually be able to do it, because I know a little bit about basketball (emphasis on little). But my brain is fried. And thinking about sports is WAY too much for it to handle. I try to use Monday Missions as a way to tell you about what is going on in my life, but in a different format than my usual posts. So there's this seed of an idea... like maybe I can turn my struggle between being an actress and being a wife and mother into a basketball game. But, um... I can't do it. Blank screen, blank brain. Blank, blank, blank.

Two big goose eggs on the scoreboard of this Monday Mission.

But maybe things are looking better for your team? If so, write a mission and post it below.


Maybe next week I'll be back on my game for the Mission, which is to write a post in the style of an (early) April Fool's story.

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kaye said...

I'm not a fan of basket-ball either so I'm off to the races.