Monday, August 17, 2009

Judging a book by its cover

I know you're not supposed to judge other people. I try hard not to. But sometimes, I can't resist. Here are some people I confess to judging before I know them:

Drivers of Hummers

Parents who take their toddlers to a bowling alley at 11pm

People who wear clothing with obscenities written on it in public places. Around children.

Obese people at fast food joints. Particularly if they have their obese children with them.

Parents who take their young children to R rated movies filled with sex and violence

Anyone with a SARAH! bumper sticker

Audience members who answer their phone in the theatre and then proceed to HAVE A CONVERSATION

I know I'm not alone. Who do you judge upon first sight?


Emily said...

People who beat their children in grocery stores and speak to them through gritted teeth. You know it's going to be worse when they get in the car. Mostly, I feel sad for them, all of them, though. Because I know how that exhausted, end of your rope feeling can envelope you.

I am intensely jealous of your brush with Patty Griffin! I found out she was playing at a folk festival just outside boulder...2 days after it was over. I was so bummed.

thailandchani said...

People who dress like thugs. I figure they are sending out those messages intentionally and treat them accordingly.

People who smoke in public.

That's just a few. :)


Bayou Belle said...

People who walk REALLY SLOW in the middle of a the road in a parking lot and I am right behind them and they know it and won't move to the side and let me mass.

Recovering Sociopath said...

I try to repent and pray for grace to stop when I catch myself-- which I often do-- judging:

People feeding their newborns formula (this despite having several dear friends who had terrible breastfeeding struggles, so I should know better).

People who let their kids watch hours and hours of TV every day.

Prius drivers. ;)

...and, I admit, drivers of Hummers. Basically anyone in a pretentious car.

kaye said...

I agree with pre-judging the drivers of hummers

people who use cell phones in public . . . anywhere in public, I particularly hate bathroom use of a cell phone, I mean, that's just grotesque

people with large, gated homes

and italian shoes

oh wait, I think all those kinds of people would drive hummers.

I think I must have something against people who are overly wealthy and flaunt it.

and if I wanted to start a riot right here, I might put I pre-judge people with Obama bumper stickers (I am a republican from Utah, what can I say)

painted maypole said...

ah Kaye... all last fall and up until the inauguration you would have been judging me if I drove past you. ;) It is nice to know we can still be friends.

Amy Y said...

People who drive any large SUV.

People who have various body parts hanging out of their clothing (they make larger sizes for a reason!).

People who don't have their recycling bins on the curb every other week but have two large trashcans for a small family of 2 or 3.

Mary G said...

Hey, Maypole, this is a good one.
Drivers who throw garbage out the window; people who drop garbage while walking;
People who rip the sleeves off their tee shirts, often to better show off heavily tatooed arms;
People whose religion requires them to dress in period costume -- well, not the majority of the sect, but the leaders. The best pope ever was the one who winkled the nuns out of their floor length wool dresses, and their white helmets and veils;
politicians in silly costumes.
To name just a few.

Magpie said...

The woman on the train the other day who was wearing a sunflower headband, wherein the sunflower was about seven inches in diameter, and I could go on about her costume and eye makeup and jewelry, but the sunflower was enough.

People who don't stand to the right on escalators.

Melissa said...

You pretty much got all of mine. Although I will add people with lots of fast food trappings in the back seats of their cars.

Chrissy said...

Definitely the hummmers. No question.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Probably your list, along with people who litter and anyone who makes racist comments or jokes or the like.

Recovering Sociopath said...

After returning from a (mostly very happy) trip to the county fair this evening, I have to add to the above:

Visibly pregnant women who smoke, such as the one I saw tonight. I tried not to stare but it was very startling.

Rima said...

Guys who wear sleeveless T-Shirts.

flutter said...

people with the "coexist" bumper sticker on their car, who drive like assholes

Aunt Becky said...

People who log onto the NY TIMES to bash my friend.

Anonymous said...

drivers of escalades. people who pierce ears or give manicures to little girls.

Tina said...

Other women - Whether they are fat or skinny, pretty or ugly, dressed nicely or poorly. I judge em all!

Kyla said...

Yeah, me too...except swap Hummers for Escalades. I find them to be even more douchey.

People who don't have their kid in a carseat. I saw someone in a truck HOLDING A BABY in her hands in the front seat. I almost had a heart attack. I was so glad they didn't enter the freeway.

JCK said...

Every single one of yours. And reading Harry Potter to your 6 year old.

Bea said...

I am usually the least judgey person, especially when it comes to parents, but kids out way past my kids' bedtime always shocks me.

Christine said...

people who wear designer labels very conspicuously and snobbishly. i hate louis v. bags the WORST. yes, i am a reverse snob against the very rich.

Cold Spaghetti said...

That Hummer thing isn't judgmental. It's fact.

Furrow said...

Mostly it's people who make egregious spelling and punctuation errors. I find that those people also display many of the other habits discussed here.

Candygirlflies said...

Okay, PM, your list was darned near perfect, but here's my two cents:

- People who loudly and rudely admonish sales people/service attendants in public. Do they think this makes THEM look like the bigger and better person?!

- People who have children, but who swan around living their own selfish lives while the kids are raised by nannies. And I'm not talking about people who work hard to make a living all day and night, here... I'm talking about "ladies who lunch" and men who "golf" too much.

- People who feed their infants soft drinks. GAAAAAAA.

- Female border crossing and security officials. Isn't that awful of me?? I just have a gut reaction that they're more likely to give me an extra hard time, rather than treat a mother-of-three with some respect.

- People who purchase and play violent video games.

- People who expose large amounts of flesh, on purpose, between pieces of their clothing. I find that the majority of people who do this are the ones WHO SHOULD NOT BE DOING IT.




I have something to tell you, loud people in the audience:


Oh, I could go on... and onandonandon... But I'll spare you (and perhaps use your idea as a "springboard" for one of my own, if that's ok! Great idea!)

xo CGF

Louise said...

All of those.

And people who beg for tuition assistance to our small church school but have a new car at least every two years, have kids in the most expensive shoes available (thank goodness for uniforms for the rest of the clothes) and have their kids in an expensive extra-curricular activity 3-5 nights/week. Oh, and then send their kids to the most expensive private school in town over the summer because they don't want to take care of them.