Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Showtunes in the key of PANTS

Hello PANTS!
Well, Hello
It's so nice to have you back where you belong
My @ss looks swell,
I can tell,
You still fit me, you're not stained
You're still goin' strong.

Some enchanted evening
You may see some PANTS,
you may see some PANTS
Across a crowded room
And somehow you know,
You know even then
That someday you'll wear them
Again and again.

At the end of the day you're a little bit stretched out
And that's all you can say for the life of the PANTS

You get spilled on, maybe torn

Then they throw you right into the corner

One more day lying about, what is it for?

One day closer to cut-offs.

Sing once again with me
Our strange duet
Two legs inside of me
look leaner yet
And though you turn in the mirror
to check your behind
The Phantom of the PANTS is there
Inside your mind

Who must know the way to fall across the hip,
and down the leg, and cross your bum?
Who has pockets so that you can cart your stuff,
Your license, credit cards and your phone?

The PANTS, the PANTS! Tradition!
The PANTS, the PANTS! Tradition!

Into the PANTS,
It's time to go,
I hate to leave,
I have to, though.
Into the PANTS-
It's time, and so
I must return to my house.

Into the PANTS
And from this bed
Though it's been fun,
Its must be said.
Into the PANTS,
and please don't tell
My very jealous spouse.

When you are PANTS,
You are PANTS all the way

From the first time you're worn

To your last dyin' day.


Kat said...

HAHAHA!!!! I'm going to have Les Mes and Fiddler (and Dolly and South Pacific, etc.) in my head for the rest of the day. But I love it. ;)
You are so clever. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna live forever.
I'm gonna learn how to fly.

Do I have the spirit right?

That song has been in my head since I saw a preview for a remake a few days ago. Be afraid.

Mary G said...

That is so, so funny. Alejna needs to get here fast.
Especially like the Enpanted Evening.

jen said...

i swear to god if i didn't know you i'd think you were trying to get alejna to sleep with you or something, all this talk of pants.

All Rileyed Up said...

Love it, love it, love it, esp Into the Woods! One of my favorites. Bernadette Peters is so all time in that role.

We're not gonna wear
we're not gonna wear
we're not -- gonna weeeeeaaar
last year's PANTS!
this year's PANTS!
next year's PANTS!
we're not gonna wear PANTS!
Cuz everything is PANTS!

OR, to continue on with more Jets songs...

wear cool PANTS!

Ms. N said...

Oh, the awesomeness of 'tradition' with PANTS!

thank you.

flutter said...

These are my favorites! PANTS!

alejna said...

Ah, Painted, this is a thing of beauty. Brava!

Power to the PANTS!

(If I didn't know better, I'd go along with what Jen was saying, and think that you were trying to get into my pants)

alejna said...

Now I have something for you:


Kyla said...

I'm laughing so hard between this and the comment about trying to get into alejna's pants!

Magpie said...

What jen said.

And now I'm singing "When you are PANTS, you are PANTS all the way"...

kaye said...

take a vacation--and you miss a bunch of thematic posts! Looks like you had fun, keep your pants on little lady :)

imbeingheldhostage said...

Pants! Pants, I'll luv ya, Pants,
You're only a size away....

alejna said...

Okay, you. I got more pants for you.

Denguy said...

Ha! That's great--especially the Streetcar bit.