Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things that are making me smile today

The cooler weather - and the subsequent accomplishment of lots of yard work, as well as the pilfering of wood from neighbors' Gustav debris piles to be used for future s'more making fires

Open windows - the fabulous smell in the house of the fresh air, and the discovery that in addition to being visually entertaining, the hummingbirds make fun chirping noises, especially when chasing each other, AND you can hear the buzzing of their flapping wings

The fruits of our garden-

I carried a watermelon


Shock-a-cone - A friend brought us some of this ice cream, and of course I can not say the name without breaking into a revised version of Chaka Khan's I Feel for You. And now when The May Queen asks for a bowl of it she says "Shock-a-Cone" like the opening of the song, and strikes a pose with her fingers pointing to the sky. I may have to get some video of this.

Vanilla Chai Tea - I've been searching high and low for this since I first had it at a hotel in March, and was about to give up and buy it by the case online but today they had it at the store!

this Daily show clip - you've probably already seen the (very funny!) SNL Palin/Clinton clip, but this Daily Show coverage of pre Palin/post Palin speak had me laughing out loud

Strindberg and helium - thanks, Mad. Because nothing says "lighten up" like a pink balloon squeaking "misery"

what's making you smile today?


flutter said...

this post!

Chrissy said...

I love the open windows, although I don't think it's going to last more than a day or two around here. But it's been nice this week.

Bayou Belle said...

watched your clip link. if there is one thing all voters can agree on is the media is completely crap. Can we put them on a waffle box?

womaninawindow said...

That photo of the inside of your watermelon, simple and so pleasing. Pretty!

Today I'm so happy with a new antique cabinet we got last night. I keep walking by it and pretending it's not there and then I turn abruptly and catch it from a different angle. AHA! It's pretty too. I'm clapping alot to myself. I'm a fool.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Chilly temperatures, my first seasonal bowl of Jen's Michigan Oatmeal (I'll post this on Weds.), a big, comfy sweatshirt, and enough work under my belt to go volunteer at Obama HQ this a.m.

Kathryn said...

"I carried a watermelon." HA! Great movie.

I LOVE fall even though I still miss summer a bit. I can't wait to get to the pumpkin farm and rake the leaves. So exciting!

And now I want a vanilla chai tea. Mmmmm!!!

Louise said...

Oh, you DO need video of the Shock-A-Cone dance-thing!

I'm smiling because it's Friday, and that means school gets out early, so we get to go pick up chich in about 3 hours! =) (I would prefer if she would just appear in my house and avoid the whole "go pick up" thing, but it's nice to have her home on Friday afternoons.

Aunt Becky said...

The promise of Buffalo Wings tomorrow. The promise of a blog redesign (once I find a designer).

Hmmm...Halloween. I love that it's coming up soon.

imbeingheldhostage said...

I want some shockacone.. and vanilla chai-- I did just order a case! Hah, can't get THAT stuff here. I actually got a chocolate, a vanilla and the rest spice mmmmm.....

watermelon looks divine.

Candygirlflies said...

And for me?

It was the "We are already in hell... HEEEELLLLLLLLLL..."

Thanks for the crack-up!

xo CGF

Alex Elliot said...

That clip had me laughing as well! I love that I could wear jeans and my fleece today and feel that it was just the right temperature.

Beck said...

My kids were OBSESSED with those Strindberg and Helium videos for a while, and should anyone be so unwise as to say HELL! around them, all you'd hear would be a chorus of high-pitched "heeeellllllls!" from the back seat.
Good job, me.

Melissa said...

Yeah...the weather has been great here, too. Totally lovin' it.

And please? The video? Soon!

nomotherearth said...

You made me smile today! "I carried a watermelon."

Ha, ha!