Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mission Audition

I had two auditions today, one for a lighthearted Halloween themed spoof, and another for an obscure Strindberg play. I did a different obscure Strindberg play nearly 11 years ago, and my husband has begged me to never do another one again. If you know anything about Strindberg you know that lighthearted and cheerful do NOT describe his work. The play that I did was a Christmas play, yet it involved a child-stealing gnome. And not in a funny way. Apparently at lunch today my husband prayed that at the audition I would slip and fall, breaking something important to the theatre and perhaps even harming the director, thus ensuring I would not be cast.

Nice to know I have your enthusiastic support, honey.

Neither of these shows are scripts I'm dying to work on, yet they are both at theatres whose productions I've enjoyed recently and would like to work with. I think both auditions went fairly well, but you just never know.

So we're back to the waiting game. Fun, fun.

Also, it occurs to me that I need to remind you about our upcoming Monday Mission: write a post in the form of a class syllabus. And while that sounded like a fun idea when I posited it, I realized that I'm not sure I remember what a syllabus really looks like. Perhaps you are in the same boat. So, I did a bit of poking around online and found this definition of Syllabus on Wikipedia,this example, which seems way more detailed than any syllabus I recall receiving at the prestigious university I attended, and a page on designing a learning-centered syllabus. You most certainly don't need to go so in depth, and now that I've done your homework for you, feel free to completely ignore it and have fun! Which is really the goal of the missions, anyhow.


Laski Gal said...

Fingers crossed!!!

It has been two years since I wrote a syllabus . . . might be fun!?!

Louise said...

Waiting is so annoying. I hope it goes quickly and turns out well for you!

Karen said...

ha, your poor husband. Am married to an artist myself & he really does get absorbed when working on something dark.
I will have to try that form of prayer.
Of course, he probably prays that all the births I ever go to will be overnight so he isn't left with the kids for two days straight trying to work from home. Never thought of it like that.
bonne chance!!!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Thanks for the Mission tip, I was wondering how to do a silly-bus.

It's not good to say good luck and stuff is it, so I'll just say... waiting for news. :-)

the dragonfly said...

The Big Guy sure is supportive, isn't he...


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Big Guy may not be supportive, but he sure is funny.

I have to agree with him, though - Strindberg is a barrel of laughs.

Ambassador said...

What, was there no Ibsen available?

I did one Arthur Miller play years ago - and loved it, but it really got into my head more than I enjoyed. But then again, I was too young to be playing that part anyway...Chris in All My Sons.

Thanks for stopping by - hope all is reaching some sort of manageable level on the NS - all is well in the Quarter!


Mad said...

Lighten' up, Mr. Maypole. Strindberg is good for the soul:

nomotherearth said...

Is it ironic here to say "Break a leg"??