Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This and That

I think it's just allergies. This theory is supported by the thickish layer of yellow pine pollen I had to wipe off the table on the porch the other day. Regardless, it means a scratchy throat, runny nose, and tiredness. Just what I needed after finally recovering from the 5 week flu. And, of course, with relatives coming into town in a week I have a long list of things to get done around the house before they arrive, and all I really want to do is nap.

Since I have felt rather uninspired in the blog post area of late I have decided to jump on the interviewee bandwagon, and open myself up to your questions. And no pressure (I know I sometimes feel pressure to ask a witty question) to ask a question. But if there's something you want to know, ask away.

Here's me, mounting the coffin (photos from production fall '06)


alejna said...

That's no fair that you're feeling sick again. I hope that it passes quickly leaves you alone!

And questions? I really struggle to come up with questions for people. But I'll struggle for you,

Did you want to be an actor when you were little? What other careers did you dream about?

thailandchani said...

Hm. I'll try to think of a good question and come back. :) Nothing comes to mind immediately.

Kyla said...

I'd like to know your most embarrassing moment, either in show business or otherwise.

the dragonfly said...

Love the photos. :)

I hope you're feeling better soon!

carrie said...

If you were stuck on a desert island, which three broadway shows would you like to take along with you to view over and over again on your island's stage?

Alex Elliot said...

Hope you feel better soon! Since I'm a relatively new reader to your blog, I would like to know how you got into acting. I also like Kyla's question.

Girlplustwo said...

you are fierce, woman.

question: how do you feel the current administration is honoring our long standing seperation of church and state? (dude, what else did you expect me to ask?)

flutter said...

Oh look at you!!!

Anonymous said...

You've had the new Kitty
for how long?


Feel better soon.
I don't know how it does
for your singing, but you
must sound very mournful,
red nose and all.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Airborne, my friend, Airborne. I know the Debunkers United have said there's no proof that it works, but since I started my continual drip of the stuff, we've had the mildest of cold and flu seasons-- three years and counting.
Ooooh, creative, witty questions... I have none.
What time of your life would you have considered the happiest, or when you were most true to yourself?
Feel better soon!

Amy Y said...

Ack! Feel better, Mama!

My question... What was the best gig... performance wise, script wise, just your favorite? What's the one you'll never forget?

niobe said...

I'm terrible at thinking of questions, so I'll just wait for others to ask.

E said...

Who is your favorite author, or top three favorite novels?

Anonymous said...

What is one role you have always wanted to play?

Suz said...

Oh...Emily took my question.

So, here's my new question.

What type of role do you think that you would have trouble doing and why?

Christine said...

get better soon, 'k?

and here's mine: Who do you prefer--Rolling Stones or Beatles and why?

Running on empty

Kat said...

Sick again? Ack!!!! Make it stop! Hope you feel better soon!

Another question- What is the one role that you dream of? What is the role you think you would do best in? What is one role you would NOT want? If someone were playing you in a movie about your life, who would it be?
Okay. That was more than one question. :)

Aliki2006 said...

I am so so sorry you're sick again. Feel better soon!

Laski said...

I'm so sorry you are ill. I hope you feel better soon.

A question . . . what is the best advice you've ever been given? Who gave it to you?

Anonymous said...

Poor you! Sick again.
What's your favorite food to indulge in... when you're feeling like having something really wicked and good.

Family Adventure said...

Could Kitty be the cause of your allergies?

Which celebrity (star) would you like to work with when you become a famous actress?

Have you always had your faith and does your husband share it?

Get well soon! Heidi

Aunt Becky said...

Feel better soon, darlin'!

Anonymous said...

How do feel about automatic weapons? Belt-fed air-cooled models in particular?

Chaotic Joy said...

OH! Love the pictures.

I hope you feel better soon.

And here's a question I have always wondered: I can't even manage time for a hobby around my husband's work schedule. How do you manage your show schedule and your husband's work schedule and the Mayqueen?

soccer mom in denial said...

Since I got to meet you (woo-hoo) I don't feel any burning questions for you. So sorry you are sick (boo-hoo).

Bayou Belle said...

Ok. well, here is my question . . . Are you sure you aren't pregnant?