Saturday, March 8, 2008

Blind Date

I had my second Bloggy Blind Date last night. (The first was a mere month and half after I started blogging, when I met up with Ewe in Cambridge.) Those of you who have done this before, who have met up with friends you've gotten to know online, know the sort of excitement and nervousness that goes with such a meet up. But I will confess I was mostly excited.

Allison from Soccer Mom in Denial is here in New Orleans for a conference, and staying with her old friend and fellow blogger the Ambassador of the lovely New Orleans blog The Ambassador Returns.

I had a performance last night, so met up with them late for drinks. They were having dinner so I went to meet them at the restaurant, and was told I would know them because they would be the loudest people in the room. They also gave me easily identifiable physical descriptions as well.

When I arrived I found they had a table full of friends, and worried I was crashing the party. But they both immediately rose and gave me hugs. Good hugs. Strong hugs. It's amazing how the right kind of hug can immediately make you feel welcome and at ease. Allison and the Ambassador both give top notch hugs. They pulled up a chair between them and the "date" began.

I ordered a drink, had a few bites of Allison's Pecan Pie (yum! My favorite!) and we all talked. Allison spoke so movingly about the work she does. She's passionate and articulate, just like you would expect from reading her blog. And her skin. Her gorgeous, fair
skin glows. Seriously. The Ambassador was warm and friendly and charming. We asked each other questions and talked and listened and laughed and had a lovely evening. (Their friends were all friendly and fun as well. And I didn't pay for a drink all night. Thanks!) It was a fantastic first date. Hopefully someday we'll have a second.

Oh. And we're all tall. Hooray for tall bloggers!

Monday's Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a post from the point of view of someone or someTHING else in your home. Perhaps the delete button on your computer wants to spill some of your secrets? Come back on Monday and post a link to your Mission.

And I apologize for not being around reading much. This is the first week I've felt truly well in nearly 2 months, and I've been quite busy trying to catch up with all the things I neglected during that time. I'll be getting back in the groove here soon. I hope.


Sarah said...

I haven't been around much, either. So let's call it even, LOL! Sickness -- mine, my son's -- is partially to blame. February slump probably accounts for the rest.

I haven't met any other bloggers yet. Wah. And...hooray for short bloggers, too, she says huffily, all 5'4" of her.

Jen said...

Feel better! And yes, I'll second Slouching Mom for short bloggers. ;-)

And that's so cool that you got to meet the Ambassador and SMID!

I have my own bloggy blind date coming up next week.

Luisa Perkins said...

SO fun. I ALSO have a bloggy blind date next week. Ahh, spring...:D

Don Mills Diva said...

What a fun night - I'm even more excited about Blogher now!

Alex Elliot said...

SMID is fabulous! I met her for the first time this summer. We also got the kids together over the winter break.

Catherine said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. I always seem to have something that keeps me from making the rounds, so don't feel bad.

I've never really had a bloggy blind date. Well, I HAVE met fellow bloggers, but not ones I'd gotten to know online already. I hope to someday!

Sister Honey Bunch/Judi maloney said...

Hey, I just wanted to comment that I have been really enjoying your blog these last couple weeks!

MARY G said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! And not to worry about the reading thing; one of the best things about this community is that we all understand gaps.
For sure!

soccer mom in denial said...

My skin glows? Awwww shucks. You were a real trooper to walk into a place on your own. Thanks for being a part of our evening. It was great to meet you and you know I'll be back!

I got back to the house at 1:30am this morning from one of those travel hell days. Complete with using the barf bag from the turbulance. My skin is still a bit green.

niobe said...

I so hear you on lingering illnesses. I'm hoping that we're all done with being sick for this winter.

Christine said...

i have never met any bloggers yet and it makes me SO sad. want to come to upstate new york?
Running on empty

Anonymous said...

What a lovely fun time!!! How excting.. the anticipation. I'm bummed, as my chance to meet Bossy is dwindling... heading to Indy instead of Columbus.
I'm glad, so glad, you're feeling like yourself... how was the show?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't surprise me to hear that SMID is as nice as I have always thought. The same goes for Ambassaodr Ken.

The way things look, I'll be getting to meet SMID in about two weeks when she comes to Washington, DC