Thursday, August 9, 2007

Blogher UK

I've been enjoying catching up on my blog reading, and about all things blogher (although I have some questions, you attendees: has your blogging changed since the conference? are you now reading another 500 blogs of all the fabulous people you met? did you actually learn anything about blogging or did you just drink lots and lots of wine?) but I cannot be too jealous since I was on a fabulous vacation, and had a mini blogher of my own. In Cambridge. So there.

I met the fabulous sheepy author of Wherever Ewe Go, There Ewe Are(and you can read her account of our encounter here.)

When I wrote my post about going to England, she commented and said she was in Cambridge, and to let her know if I would be heading up that way. As it turns out, I already had plans to be there as my husband did a semester at Christ College, Cambridge many, many, MANY moons ago. He wanted to go check out his old stomping grounds, so we were planning to head up there as we left London and headed to our family gathering. My brother and sister in law were getting a ride with us out and came along, not particularly willingly, I will add. Getting lost on the way to Cambridge did not help (that "hour north" thing of London? Yes, I suppose if you drive directly there. It took us nearly 3 hours. Lots of things went wrong with varying levels of blame on different shoulders. I shan't go there. We made it. Finally). When we arrived my hubby took off walking to find the place he once lived, and as an introvert I think he wanted to pretty much do that by himself. Plus, it was a long walk, and I was nursing 2 huge blisters from the day before, one which I had rolled over with a suitcase that morning (blood all over the sidewalk!) and was wearing flipflops. So he took off and I called up Ewe, as arranged, and we made a plan to meet. My brother and SIL moped around with me a bit, trying to be game, and I finally convinced them that I would be OK, they should go punting on the Cam, and I would meet up with them later. They obliged. I finally found Ewe, thanks to her brilliant suggestion that she would be wearing a bright red floral sun hat. I never would have found her otherwise. She took the hat off immediately upon seeing me, but still had a cute little hairdo. I could not do that. I wear a hat for 10 seconds and I have hat head for the rest of the day. But I digress. She was a really lovely person and I very much enjoyed walking around Cambridge with her and Baby Boo for about an hour. I must confess there was no breast grabbing, as apparently happened a lot at blogher, but then again we were drinking Diet Coke instead of wine. What did happen was a very lovely conversation with a lovely person, and I'm glad to have met her. She was kind and easy to talk to, and has lived in so many places that she has lots of interesting stories. Who needs to punt the Cam when you can meet a fabulous individual? We finally sat down in front of King's College when my brother and SIL wandered by (and I think Ewe immediately sensed their readiness to get out of Cambridge... that sullen feeling of "I was dragged here, and I'm ready to leave now" because she made some quiet comment under her breath that I have now forgotten, but made me love her even more) But we did manage to take advantage of their photographic skills and get this shot of us:

We then wandered off to the appointed meeting with my husband, and we visitors went on our way. Thank EWE for taking time out of your weekend to meet this crazy lady off the web. And thank you for speaking so kindly of me on your blog - for emphasizing my good points, and ignoring my bad.

When we met up Baby Boo was sniffling over his "3 jabs" (that would be shots, I didn't get it when Ewe first told me. Am I really that slow? yes, I suppose so) and it seems appropriate to post this today, when The May Queen went in to have 3 shots in preparation for kindergarten (On Monday!!! ACK!!!) She was very good about it, and only cried a wee bit on the very last one, but this evening was walking around the house at a snail's pace for fear of "hurting her legs." I do not wonder where she gets the drama from, so don't bother asking.

I am still sorting through my gobs of England photos (now up to 329 out of 658!) which is why you are getting bits and pieces (bits and pieces! they say this all the time in England about all sorts of things, including, but certainly not limited to, genitals. We found this very amusing). I have several posts in my head as I am sorting, and we'll see if I manage to write them all before you, or I, get sick of the England posts.

But while we are here, a few more pretty pictures of Cambridge, because it was a lovely day.

This is the BACK of King's College - where I first tried to meet Ewe, before realizing that she was probably waiting for me at the FRONT. Those little whitish blobs in the field to the left? Those are COWS. Cows. In the middle of Cambridge. I found this very funny, and as we were walking back there later, Ewe mentioned, all on her own, how the cows made her laugh. I told you I liked her.

This is a church right off the city market, and I can't remember the name (my husband would, but he is asleep) Mary something, maybe? Anyhow, I like this picture. Looking up the tower into the sky. It lifts me up.


Candygirlflies said...

Your relatives felt DRAGGED to Cambridge??! How on earth could anyone feel DRAGGED there? I think it's one of the closest places to heaven on earth... although I might just be a teeny bit biased.

What beautiful pictures! I'am really enjoying the accounts of all your adventures.

thailandchani said...

Cambridge is a beautiful place.. and I'm glad you were able to meet Ewe. (I enjoy her blog, too!)

Looking forward to more of your memories and photos.

And it must have felt good to get some relief from the heat and humidity in Louisiana, eh? :)



slouching mom said...

Oh, I love seeing these photos.

And M.Q. starts K on Monday! We still have three (looooooong) weeks to go.

I can't wait to hear how she does. I'd imagine she'll have no trouble at all. In fact, I'll bet that from the first day on, she'll never look back.

Let us know how it goes. Oh, and remember to take a picture. I am so glad to have a shot of Ben on the morning of his first day in kindergarten.

jen said...

i love the pics and i love that you met Ewe. And yes, I've got a lot of new blogs in my reader since the could I not?

First day!

ewe are here said...

Awww, you were nice enough not to mention that I was slightly brain-slow that afternoon due to a serious lack of sleep on my part the prior night... schnuffily baby and all.

I'm really glad you made it up to Cambridge and we got to hang out for a bit, admiring the river, the white cows, and the adult scouting troops (which I still don't get at all). Just felt kind of bad that your brother and SIL felt like they were being held hostage by us ...

Looking forward to seeing more of your vacation pictures.

Catherine said...

Thanks for the photos - it all looks lovely. Its so fun to see the people we blog with, isn't it? Somehow nobody looks and sounds like I picture them...

nomotherearth said...

I love architectural pictures - they're about all I take on vacation.

And to answer your question...yes, I do clean out my purse in a timely fashion. It's about the ONLY thing I clean in a timely fashion, though.