Sunday, October 7, 2007

click to give

Somehow I didn't explain this well the first time around, it seems. When I click on the The Hunger Site and then click to give, I then look up at the top of the screen , where there are tabs for the Breast Cancer Site and the Child Literacy Site and the Rainforest Site......... after I click to give on the Hunger Site I click the first tab (Breast Cancer?) and give, and then the next tab, and click to give, and then the next.... until I have done all of them. And seriously folks, about 20 seconds is all it takes. Every day. You don't need to click individually on each site. Once you get to one you can tab over to all the rest. Isn't that easy? So... what are you waiting for? See that little Hunger Site button on my sidebar? Give it a click.


Amy said...

I did the same thing. I put the breast cancer click a day thingy on my blog and realized I could click them all on the tabs at the top! So now I'm a clicking fool!

Suz said...

That's easy enough to do!