Tuesday, June 5, 2007

a link in the chain?

I've been reading lots of blogs lately, and leaving posts (which I actually did before, back when I had no blog, and used my name) and I'm thrilled to have some of those bloggers which I've been visiting for a while come and visit my brand spankin' new site. Thank you. And WELCOME!

I have nothing much brilliant to say, except that bubandpie has graciously attempted to explain to me how to make a link within my post, and if it works, you can click on that and go to her fabulous blog. Thank you. html is like greek to me. only worse.

Learning to link was the highlight of my day. Well, that and the full throated laugh of my daughter after she "tooted in the tub" It's a tie.

1 comment:

bubandpie said...

Hey, did you ever visit me before? Maybe you should leave a message in code using your real name but referring to "help with links"...and then I'll know!

Now if only someone would explain to ME how to link so that another window automatically pops up, that would really be something. I could always right-click on "View Source" next time I see it done...that's the other secret trick to figuring out what HTML codes people are using.