Friday, December 18, 2009

Unusual gifts

I'm currently in Michigan, helping to take care of my in-laws.  My mother in law is home from the hospital, and moving slowly but doing well.
Before I left home it seemed the list of things to do was endless.  I barely slept for 3 nights straight trying to get everything done.  I will return to a messy house and lots more to do.
But in the meantime, I'm getting a lot of reading done.  I got all my Christmas cards done this evening, something I didn't have time to sit down and do while I was at home.  I have to take things my slowly, at my in-laws' pace.  And while there are things to do here, certainly, they all get done more slowly. And with lots of breaks in between.
I miss being home with The May Queen as Christmas draws near.  I miss baking cookies and making crafts.  I'm missing Christmas parties and going to the live nativity.
But I was here for a 54th wedding anniversary. I got to set up another Christmas tree.  And I'm catching up on sleep.
This has not been the December I envisioned for many reasons, this unexpected trip being one of them.  Yet there are still gifts to be found.
Don't forget to join us for Monday's Mission:  write post in the style of a Holiday Tune (inspired by Jeri's 12 Days of Christmas spin-off)


Melissa said...

Prayers for your MIL and prayers for a safe journey for you.

See you on Monday.

flutter said...

thinking of you and yours. Love you

kayerj said...

oh, so hard to be away from home at Christmas. Hope your MIL has a quick recovery and you can hurry home to the May Queen.

Bon said...

i find beauty in your words here, the reminder that the seemingly endless lists are just a form of normal, not to be decried, and that - when normal MUST be left behind, to help, to care for others - there is gift in the respite.

safe travels, health to your family, happy Christmas.

ewe are here said...

I don't think Christmas goes as planned for anyone ... I know it doesn't in this house.

But at the end of the day, you're with family. And you're doing what needs to be done for family. The spirit of the holiday is with you and yours.

I hope everyone is home and healthy soon.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Sometimes the Christmases that throw us a loop turn out to be the best ones. You're home now, so a wish for a safe journey would be silly-- but I do hope you had a wonderful reunion and you let the house cleaning go just a little longer. I hope your MIL is feeling better and everyone had a wonderful Christmas!