Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'll be home for Christmas (aka I know what it means to miss New Orleans)

I'll be home for Christmas
You can count on me
Where there's no snow
and satsumas grow
I'll get a kiss from the May Queen
Chistmas Eve will find me
'Neath our Live Oak Tree
I'll be home for Christmas
Down in New Orleans...
I'm flying home today, and have a Monday Mission in the works that I can't quite get done via my iphone.  But I promise a late in the day Mission, and if the song that's brewing comes through it will be complete with photographs.  So check back later.
If you've already done your mission (today's mission:  write a post in the style of a holiday tune) post a link in the comments, and when I get my post up I'll immediately link up to you.
In the meantime...
I'll be home for Christmas
I wanted you to know
Let's have beignets
and cafe au lait
and cheer on "geaux Saints, geaux"
Christmas Eve will find me
with the Big Guy and the May Queen
I'll be home for Christmas
Down in New Orleans...


kaye said...

I'm so glad you'll be home for Christmas--and New Orleans sounds so good.

alejna said...

Safe travels!

I have accepted the Mission: Let it mold.

Cold Spaghetti said...

Happy homecoming!

Melissa said...

I have also accepted our mission, but it's not nearly as good as alejnas. :)