Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I am an ass: Theatre Thursday

Well, after a wee bit of ado, I will indeed be speaking Shakespeare's words on stage again shortly.

I did not get Beatrice, as I had hoped, but did get the only other role I was interested in: Dogberry.

do not forget to specify, when time
and place shall serve, that I am an ass

Dogberry is the clown. The bumbling buffoon of a constable who tries to use big words, but never gets it right.

O villain! thou wilt be condemned into everlasting
redemption for this.

Done well, Dogberry can steal the show.

Which I completely intend to do.


Chrissy said...

Congratulations! Go right ahead and steal the show, it sounds like fun.

Mad said...

You get to be Dogberry? Oh how wonderful! He's one of Shakespeare's best asses.

Beck said...

I think Dogberry sounds like a LOT of fun - STEAL THAT SHOW!

Jen said...

Love, love, LOVE Dogberry!!! I must admit that Beatrice is my fave role in all of Shakespeare, but Dogberry is just too wonderful. BTW... You might want to see Shakespeare Retold Much Ado about Nothing. It's a modernized "version" (it's somewhat different from the play) with Beatrice and Benedick as small-time anchors in Wessex. Great stuff! And Hero gets to be more than a mattress in this version. ;-)

alejna said...

Fastidious! I'm sure you will steal the show with your subordinate tediousness.

I wish I could see you make an ass of yourself.

MARY G said...

Yes, I can see and hear you doing it. Wonderful. I, for one, want to hear about every bit of it.
You would make a great Beatrice, too. However, Dogberry will be maximum fun.

11111111 said...

Will you be studying Michael Keaton from Kenneth Branagh's version?

Run ANC said...

Go for it, and rock the house.