Monday, December 28, 2009

Getting into character

(I'm busy learning lines today.)

(although I do think this warning would come in pretty handy for many drivers)

This has been a Monday Mission. Your mission is to write a post in the style of a license plate or bumper sticker. You can make your own license plate at this handy license maker site. If you play along post a link in the widget below:

And a new year is upon us! Can you believe it? Here are your missions (should you choose to accept them) for January, 2010: write posts in the style of..

Jan 4 - A performance review (inspired by Heather at In Te Domine's clever Year End Self Evaluation (hint: feel free to steal her format. She's given us permission!)

Jan 11 - A postcard

Jan 18 - Today's headlines

Jan 25 - An instruction manual


Jen said...

Too funny! Did you actually find that on the road, or make it up?

kayerj said...

is that a real plate? It is very funny!

alejna said...

Seriously, I wish I could see you make an ass of yourself. I'm half tempted to fly down to New Orleans to see you in action.