Thursday, October 8, 2009

Video-licious: Theatre Thursday

Restraining an overwhelming desire to scratch has so taken over my day that I nearly forgot it was Thursday. Theatre Thursday!

But it just so happens that I received a video of one of last week's performances. It's not a very good video, and keep in mind that theatre never looks or sounds very good on video, and particularly video from a stationary camera set up in the back of the theatre without any direct audio feed. Plus, we're itty bitty and apparently you can't open the video into a larger version.(Qualify much?) But here's a little snippet (oh wow... turns out it's a long snippet! I thought I had trimmed it to just over 2 minutes, but it seems to go through to the end of the show. Don't feel obligated to watch all 20 minutes! Yikes! but if you're really bored...)

The truly best part of the video, which isn't in this snippet, is that I can hear The May Queen laughing hysterically at one point. It was her fourth viewing of a performance and she had attended several rehearsals as well. That's one satisfied customer.

Actually, it was really neat for her to see the process, and although she had never expressed any interest in the stage before (witness her unenthusiastic participation in Sunday School Christmas Pageants) she began talking about "what if [she] was P*nkalicious..." and is now signed up for a drama class at school. I don't expect it to become her thing (two actresses in the family? imagine the drama!) but I am glad that she is at least taking an interest in what I do. It's fun to share with her.


kaye said...

what a delightful show, and she sings too! thanks for sharing an actual snippet!

Furrow said...

That looks like a fun show! So MQ is still a bit ambivalent about the acting thing? It would be hard not to push it, or at least hope. I know that my husband is counting on Z being musical.

flutter said...

that looks like such a fun show!