Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nighttime Mambo No 5: Monday Mission

A little bit of sleepytime in my life
A little purring kitten by my side
A little shy of eight hours is all I need
A little bit of darkness is what I seek
I don't want to wake up with the sun
I want to sleep soundly all night long
My big soft pillow, here I am
Time to go to sleep beside my man


This post was a Monday Mission. Your Mission, should you choose to accept it is to write a post in the style of Mambo No. 5

Mission suggested by the fabulous de at An Indigo Virgo

If you play along (please play along! Mambo No 5 is so infectious you know you'll be humming it all day anyway, so go ahead and make up your own lyrics for it!) put a link to your post in the widget below.

Need more info on Mambo No. 5?

wiki info here

lyrics to the Lou Bega remake here

watch and listen to the remake here

Original lyrics

(very little is changed, but check this out:)

A little bit of Mardi Gras in my life
A little bit of carnival, it's alright
A little bit of cellulite, if you please
A little bit of mambo is all I need


Oh, we party down in the city
We gonna do New Orleans

(you know I love any reference to my beloved NOLA, but here comes my favorite part...)


(he he. this was the only site I could find with the original lyrics, and one line is
[Incomprehensible] . Love it)

And join us next week, when your Mission (also suggested by De!) is to write a post in the style of a toast (for an occasion of your choice, such as Anniversary, Wedding, New Baby, Birthday, New Home, Death, Curse, Holiday, Health, Love, Men / Husbands, Women / Wives, To Drink Itself... ed. note: if that's not enough to inspire you I don't know what is!)

I don't know what's up with the fonts in this post. It won't let me change them for some reason, even though it appears to change several times in the middle of the post. I give up. I'm going to bed.


kaye said...

It was so late when I finished last night I thought I'd come this morning and link up. Thanks for doing it for me, you are so sweet. This was a really fun assignment. The kids and I have been dancing to that song all week. I hope you catch up with your sleep. I loved your lyrics, especially the part about cuddling with your pillow and laying next to your man. nicely done.

Mary G said...

Cool! I had no idea what to do with the mambo. I am so out of this world that I had never heard of it. I love your take on it and am now off to check out Kaye.

Cold Spaghetti said...

Got to it late, but got to it! I had a good reason. :-)

Christine said...

ack! now that song is stuck in my head! LOL