Friday, April 3, 2009

Help! I need somebody....

I'm really lucky to have a husband who is understanding about the fact that I kiss other men (ON STAGE of course - read all about it on that link... one of the most visited pages here on my blog. Apparently there is a lot of interest in stage kissing out there on the web). This has become obvious this week as the guy cast to play opposite me in the show I am so excited about doing had to step down because his wife was uncomfortable with him kissing me on stage (should I take that as a compliment??)

But now we're searching high and low for a new guy. There's a high school senior who would love to play the part, but as professional as I try to be about the whole dealing with whoever is cast opposite me thing, I just cannot kiss a guy who literally goes to school with kids (yes, KIDS) I directly supervise in both paid and volunteer positions at my church. (and for some reason I just cannot stop singing "Koo koo ka choo Mrs. Robinson...")

And if we don't find someone I will have to step down. I have been calling and e-mailing every last person I can think of.

It just stinks. I have often thought it would be much easier to act if I were a man (way more parts, far less competition). It's ridiculous. This is a beautifully written, Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning play. It's a great part. People should be lined up to compete for the role. And we're practically begging people to do it.

I'm stressed out. My heart is sick.

I need to get back on the phone.


slouching mom said...

Face it, my friend. You are HAWT.

(All joking aside, you are beautiful. I can see why someone's wife might be jealous. Unreasonably jealous, of course. Still: jealous.)

Karen said...

oh, so sad....hope you find someone fast that it cool to kiss you and you are to to complicated.

Kat said...

I think my hubby would crap his pants if I kissed another guy on stage. That is why my return to theater may be a little difficult since I always seemed to get the romantic lead. Hmmm. Maybe I'll just be in the chorus. ;)

Good luck. I hope you find someone suitable soon!

Melissa said...

Oy vey.

Now I'm singing the song. Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no! What a shame.

I don't suppose you could just embrace as the lights go down? (It has been a while since I saw it, and they probably added gratuitous sex to the movie anyway.)

If you don't find anyone, then you'll get that much needed break.

Though, I have to say, the idea of a high school senior is kind of yummy.

Furrow said...

Wow. If I were that wife, I would have husband make up a better excuse. That's just lame. And embarrassing. I hope you find someone who is at least 18. Is h.s. guy 18? Go for it!

Amelia said...

"Oh won't you please Mrs. Robinson"


I agree. The highschooler is inappropriate. But I sincerely hope you find a replacement brave enough to kiss you. Now you *must* fix your second link so I know what show it is. I am dying to know.

(The link also goes to your kiss post.)

Mary G said...

Bummer! I am skeptical about the wife thing, though. Maybe he just realized he had bitten off too much. And you can't cut the kiss out of that play; it's integral.
Wishing you all the luck you need to find a new man.

kaye said...

good luck, I hope some dashing, ppropriatly aged mman comes to your rescue!

Woman in a Window said...

That man's wife is plain and simple WHACH! It's acting! Good luck!

Beck said...

I wouldn't be able to handle my husband kissing someone else, even just for pretend (I am very, very jealous) - and I think you're right in not feeling comfortable smooching a kid, too.
Sigh. Sorry it's complicated.

Bon said...

that a big, big way. and it seems kind of a shame that (unless the play involves necking constantly throughout) a little bit of stage kissing may take down the whole show. i get that maybe there are reasons she's uncomfortable...and that boundaries can slip when intimacy lines are crossed and all that...but seriously, couldn't she just talk to you, find out how stable and decent you are, hotness notwithstanding, and everybody could just move forward like adults?

re the student thing...that i can see as a little weird, just in terms of boundaries being perceived by the kids you need to supervise. kookookachoo, indeed. though again, it might not be so big as you think. most people - even kids - are able to make the distinction btwn stage self and real self pretty well.

when i was doing my teacher training, i was in a play wherein i was a female convict being transported to Australia. i swore like a sailor onstage...f words and c words and everything imaginable. and the second night i looked out into the little black box audience and saw four members of my brand-new English high school class that i had started a practicum with just that morning. yipes.

No Mother Earth said...

Honestly, stuff like this just really IRKS me. Has her husband never done theatre before? (If not, then maybe he's not the best person to play Hal..) Yeesh. It's ACTING. If he was playing a murderer, would she be just as upset.

My husband has kissed a lot of girls ON STAGE since we've been dating/married, and though it may not be "fun" to watch, necessarily, I also know it's only acting.

I gotta say that it sounds like she doesn't support his acting, not just that she doesn't his kissing.

Sorry, I get hot under the collar about stuff like this. I was in a play where this crap went down, and it's just annoying. Especially as it messes up a great role for you.

Anonymous said...

i'll come kiss you!

Mad said...

No-Mo just summed up everything I was going to say. It's acting, for crying out loud. That said, as the spouse of a theatre person, I know the issue is seldom the intimacy with other people as it is the intimacy with theatre itself that can feel threatening to a relationship. Whenever I am in my husband's theatre, I jokingly quip "I'm in the belly of the Mistress." It seems to me that the wife and the actor need to talk through his relationship to theatre and its larger impact on their marriage. And then, maybe he could get on with the business of giving you a stage kiss.