Sunday, April 5, 2009

The blogging equivalent of morning pages

The overhead fan is making me chilly and I have a headache... again... or perhaps still is more correct it seems it is nearly every day lately. I am looking forward to not stressing about finding another actor for the play, though, we finally - FINALLY! have one as of about an hour ago and although he has pretty much no experience he gave a good reading, took direction well and is genuinely excited about the part. And best of all he is not in high school. Yippee. So we'll see how he does in rehearsal tomorrow but at least I can stop calling and begging every actor I know, and many, many that I don't and can go back to learning my lines which I have neglected for last several days.

Of course I still have to do my taxes and figure out all that VBS stuff and organize the Easter Egg hunt for Sunday, so it's not like I'm going to be relaxed or anything, and oh yeah, as soon as I am done with this blog post I will get started on my "homework" for my bible study. I have 36 hours to do 5 days worth so that should be a laugh. sigh. If I'm not ready to fall asleep at that point maybe I can sneak in the last episode of Slings and Arrows' first season which is so funny, oh my, you all must really watch it. It's a Canadian TV show about a Shakespearean Theatre Company and I can't count the amount of times I have laughed out loud and trust me, I have needed those laughs these last few days.

And typing about all this stuff I need to do makes me want to go and get started on them and so that's all for today folks. Adieu.
This post has been a Monday Mission and in case you couldn't tell the mission this Monday is to write a post in a stream of conscious ramblingg, which really anyone should be able to do, you basically just type as fast as you can as the thoughts come to you and then hit publish. Or you can get all anal about it and spend a lot of time crafting a post that SOUNDS stream of conscious but is really a carefully crafted piece of writing. I am far too tired to do that tonight, but if YOU'RE up for it knock yourself out.


so what's on your mind?

let the stream flow then put a linky below

Upcoming Monday Missions for April are to write posts in the style of:

4/13 - a sympathy card

4/20 - a mathematical equation or proof. Because by this point I should be pretty well entrenched in rehearsals, and math will be on the brain.

4/27 - A May Day song or poem. I'm totally being greedy here. Help me celebrate the impending May Day. We are dancing around the Maypole, you know.

Post Script:
If you've done Julia's Cameron The Artist's Way you understand the title. If not... well, one of her exercises to have you write three pages of stream of consciousness in the morning. I stand (er... sit) here before you confessing that I pretty much never did them in the morning. I made a pact with myself simply to do them at some point each day. Being a night person I knew if I tried to do it every morning I would have quit the first day. Although I am sure there is a benefit to doing them first thing. I just knew I wouldn't be able to keep up.


Kyla said...

Ooooh, I might manage to participate in this one!

MARY G said...

Messed up Mr Linky again. The second link is the correct one. Snarl.
Great post - that's not a stream of consciousness, woman, it's a river! Like the Red in full spring flood. How do you get through it all, is what I wonder. Glad you found a replacement actor though and I hope he works out.

E said...

I completely love Mondays over here.
How are any of us going to get the taxes done? I love how the bids sound outside my window. And if I don't make some coffee pretty soon I am going to die....

Anonymous said...

I have one of Julia Cameron's books (I think the second one) but I'm not very disciplined, so I haven't touched it in months.

Great news about casting someone for the part. I'm very glad.

Yep, I've got multiple to-do lists going this week - gotta focus!

Chantal said...

You ARE busy. me too. :)

Mad said...

Surprisingly enough, I've never watched more than 10 minutes of Slings and Arrows even though it's been recommended to me countless times. I didn't get into it b/c it was only ever on at midnight on Saturdays on an obscure cable channel. You see, that's how we treat a lot of our home grown programming up here. Sigh.

All Rileyed Up said...

I love the idea of a stream of consciousness post. That's like, my whole life...

And kudos to you for actually taking the time to post anything when you have that much on your schedule. You're a better woman than I. :)

kayerj said...

I'm glad you found someone to play opposite! loved following the ramblings of your mind

kaye’s stream of conscious rambling

Jen said...

Hope you're feeling better PM. I have some bizarre things with morning pages - I end up more confused than before I write them. So I quit.

Some early morning ramblings should just be left alone.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Your schedule makes ME tired. Sending best wishes your way PM.

Girlplustwo said...

now i'm tired. more tired.

i've missed you.

alejna said...

You certainly do have a lot going on. I'm glad to hear that an actor was cast for your play.

Perhaps I'll try a stream of consciousness post at some point. (Maybe one of these days I'll just go back and do all my missed missions.) Or maybe I'll just write a long stream of consciousness comment. Like this one. My nose itches. Also I think my foot fell asleep. And I'm tired. Maybe there's a reason I don't usually just type the thoughts that run through my head.