Sunday, April 12, 2009

With Deepest Sympathy

To all my dear, dear friends who live in colder climes,

It is with great sadness that I acknowledge that you had to celebrate this Easter day, a day of renewal and rebirth, all bundled up. It is with sorrow that I reflect on how you had to cover up your colorful new clothes with coats, or shiver during outdoor photo opportunities. It is with the deepest of sympathy that I think upon the soil in your gardens, still frozen.

But it is with greatest remorse that I acknowledge that I am THAT friend. The one who would post this picture.
May the knowledge of our resurrected Lord comfort you on this day.

Much love,

Painted Maypole

This post has been a Monday Mission. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a post in the style of a sympathy card.

Upcoming Monday Missions for the remainder of April are to write posts in the style of:

4/20 - a mathematical equation or proof. Because by this point I should be pretty well entrenched in rehearsals, and math will be on the brain.

4/27 - A May Day song or poem. I'm totally being greedy here. Help me celebrate the impending May Day. We are dancing around the Maypole, you know.


flutter said...

you are a sweet thing

JCK said...

It was a glorious day here, too!

Happy Easter, PM!

Are you interested in doing my Motherscribe Interview?

E said...

Okay okay so yes it was cold. but we have crocuses and a few jonquils and by God we had baby lambs chasing us on the Easer Egg Hunt.
You may have had sun, but I'll bet you didn't have any baby lambs...So there!

painted maypole said...

true. no baby lambs.

kaye said...

looks like the MQ had a wonderful day. . . our thoughts ran along the same line.

Furrow said...

I love your toadstools. MQ looks just like Alice in Wonderland. Chasing a white rabbit, maybe? How fitting.

We had a lovely weather day, too.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Brilliant, and I was enjoying the "Alice" resemblance too!!

Happy Belated Easter, PM.

Catherine said...

Ugh. Please send flower petals right away! :)

Cold up North,
Catherine M

Chantal said...

I love those Toad Stools. I think I need some for my garden!

All Rileyed Up said...

What a fun picture! I call my sister in Iowa all the time just to tell her how the weather is. I think it's funny. I don't think she does...

Mad said...

You are so lucky I didn't read this on Monday when I was knee-deep in blizzard. "Mighty Christian of you," as my Granny would've said.