Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baring It, part 2: Theatre Thursday

The last show I did (you know, the one that closed a month ago, NOT the one opening tonight!) had me disrobing on stage again. I only stripped down to a slip, and people at the beach certainly see more of me, but it is certainly a higher pressure situation to be the center of attention on stage while taking it off.

In the middle of the run I hurt my foot (slicing the top of my foot open with a piece of glass from a broken perfume bottle). I had to take these killer boots off onstage, and getting the boot over my swollen and bruised foot was enough to make me want to cry every night. Oddly enough just last night I hurt the same foot by dropping a counterweight (used in the fly system at the theatre) on it during our final dress rehearsal, and will be soldiering on through the pain again tonight.

One of the other girls in my show watched our scene in a dress rehearsal and assured me that it didn't matter if I forgot any of my lines at the end of the scene because the audience would be too busy thinking "nice rack." Which I'll take as a compliment. But I still memorized my lines.

With tech week and a big birthday party I'm planning and gearing up to start rehearsing not one but TWO new shows, I apologize for the lack of bloggy content of late. But I really didn't want to go two weeks in a row without a Theatre Thursday


Rima said...


flutter said...

gorgeous much?

kaye said...

you are one busy girl!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Congrats on getting through! Now, what do the folks who had the "meeting" think about your oh-la-la roles? Just joking. ;-)

I hope your foot feels much better.

JCK said...

Of course, it IS a bit distracting. LOL.

Congrats on being so full of theater these days.

Kat said...

Hello sexy! Woohoo! Sorry about the foot. Ugh. That sounds painful.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Wow, "Nice rack"? what do you say to that, "Uh, thank you"? :-) How funny. And yeah, when you look like that and you're in a slip, I don't think anyone's noticing your wounded foot.

I love theater thursday and your photos!

Louise said...

OUCH to the foot. What a trooper you are. It's hard to see the rack in the pictures, but the shoulders are nice enough on their own.