Sunday, January 3, 2010

Year End Self Evaluation: Monday Mission

Name: Painted Maypole
Department: around the Maypole
Title: Thespian Mommy
Date: 1/3/09

1. How well did you fulfill your duties as a Thespian Mommy?

I acted the role of Mommy quite well. I even sang and danced. It was Painted Maypole, the musical! starring Painted Maypole as the lovable, somewhat scattered but quite endearing mother of the May Queen, (the real star of the show). I kept my child alive and thriving (thus fulfilling my mommy duties) and performed in 7 different productions (thus more than fulfilling my thespian duties).

2. How well did you work with others?

Well, I snapped a bit at The May Queen, but that's all part of the mommy job description, right? I was nice to all my castmates, even the untalented buttheads. My husband and I never fought and we were the picture of marital harmony and parental agreement. In short, I was nearly perfect.

3. Did your work reflect the mission of the company?

Hmm... I'm not sure what our mission is, but up there at the top it says "come dance 'round the Maypole with me." So is our mission dancing? I did some of that. I have tried to live with joy and grace, and get back up and keep dancing, even after I've fallen. Some times it just takes a little longer to get back into the rhythm.

4. Did you grow (in skills, abilities, behaviors, knowledge, etc.)?

Physically, I shrank. Oh, skills, etc. Hmm... well, I have definitely expanded my experience and confidence in the singing and dancing department. I have stretched my comfort level and learned new things on stage. Growth in the Mommy arena is less measurable. One area I would like to grow this coming year is in providing more consistent expectations and discipline.

This post has been a Monday Mission. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a performance review (inspired by Heather at In Te Domine's clever Year End Self Evaluation (hint: feel free to steal her format. She's given us permission!) My questions were adapted from the 4 questions at this site. And you don't have to do a self-evaluation. You could review the performance of something else. How did your toaster perform this year?

Please turn in your review to our supervisor by posting a link in the widget below:

And join us next Monday, when our mission is to write a post in the style of a postcard


Kyla said...

Sounds like you did well this year! :)

11111111 said...

I totally have to get back into the Monday Missions.

kayerj said...

well done--both writing it and fulfilling your duties as a thespian mommy.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Oh, great idea and I think you rawked the Thespian blogger-- you forgot to mention that. You managed to entertain and inform this year with your writing...

Oh, you've inspired too. Unfortunately you've inspired this very busy Mom to watch more TV, but that's ok. We're getting Glee over here soon-- now I will be able to see what you've been enjoying.

Heather said...

The musical! I love musicals!

This was great--I love your questions and I love that you were "nearly perfect."

Here's to another year!

Furrow said...

Haha! My evaluation of your self-evaluation: superb.

Laski said...

"I kept my child alive and thriving"--that is how I measure success.

Still breathing . . . check!

We have the same growth goals. Oh, how I get it . . . I do!

Kat said...

My performance review, huh? I think I would give myself a B-. Plenty of room for improvement, but not bad.

Love your MM! :)

Louise said...

I love #2!!