Thursday, January 21, 2010

Multiple Personality Disorder: Theatre Thursday (a day late)

To distract you from the near lack of content around here lately, I will share some pictures from one of the Fringe Fest shows I did in November. I tried to get these up yesterday for a Theatre Thursday, but my computer would freeze up every time I tried to upload the photos. That made for a jolly day.

Anyhow... I played a lot of different parts. Here we go...I danced through the whole monologue. If I could have danced to Prince, this would have been heavenly. As it was, I danced to the Pixies, who are just fine, but not exactly the type of music that pulls me onto the dance floor. So I had to pretend like I was completely confident and totally into it. And talk at the same time. I felt like a real jerk, but think I finally managed to pull it off.

I got to keep those leggings.
Maybe I'll wear them to church this weekend.
I work undercover for the government.
(I also got to keep the hat and coat. Have any spy work you want to hire me for? I've got the outfit!)

A modern Romeo and Juliet. Or an elderly K Fed and Brittany?

Driving my imaginary Mini Cooper. Which apparently has a teeny tiny steering wheel. Romeo's car apparently has a REALLY TALL gas pedal.


Rima said...

That looks like so much fun!

P.S. I love the Pixies! Totally remind me of college.

alejna said...

I love the Pixies, too, though I've never tried dancing to them while doing a monologue. It does sound a bit like patting the top of the head with one hand and rubbing the stomach with the other. Have you tried that while doing a monologue?

What Pixies song was it? Most of them don't seem all that dancy to me.

I'm also amused by your imaginary Mini's tiny steering wheel. Hee hee.

kayerj said...

love your descriptions--and it looks like fun.

Emily said...

How fun!

You're such an inspiration.

Louise said...

You SHOULD wear those leggings to church. (Just not my church!)