Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why I haven't been blogging

* I am applying for jobs left and right. If it's full time and doesn't require a specific skill I don't have, I've applied for it. We've put in an offer on a house, a short sale. Our home in Louisiana hasn't sold. The short sale may take a while, but when it finally comes through, my employment will go a long ways toward paying for that second mortgage. This was never part of the plan, but plans change.

*The May Queen's birthday is this weekend, which means a party tomorrow after school and a family gathering over the weekend. The school refused to give out addresses or phone numbers so there is still one little girl we haven't been able to officially invite. She keeps forgetting to give her number to MQ at recess.

*The post I most want to write requires a picture, which I haven't yet uploaded from computer.

*My grandfather is dying of cancer. Quickly. While time wise this doesn't effect me terribly (he's in Florida, I'm in Michigan) it sort of contributes to the overall "I don't have the time and energy to sit and naval gaze via my blog" malaise I'm feeling.

*We've had houseguests. Trips to the park and games of Scrabble and extra kids in the house. They're gone, but I still haven't cleaned up the mess.

*This is the year of the activity. MQ has ballet once a week and swimming twice a week, and because we're not actually in the community where she goes to school and attends these activities, that's a lot of driving and/or killing time between school and said activity.

I have been posting some photos on project365 blog, but I'm behind over there, as well.

I kind of miss blogging, and I kind of don't. Whatever that means.


Kat said...

I feel the same exact way. I feel like I should be blogging. Writing down everything that is going on over here. Journal it. But I don't have the energy. And I don't even really have the words.

I am so sorry to hear about your Grandpa. Sending more prayers your way.
And good luck on your job hunt too!

Happy Birthday to MQ!

kayerj said...

I know what you mean--I've been feeling a loss of interest in blogging (and everything else) since July--between the wedding and being sick it's sucked everything I've had. I'm sorry to hear about your Grandpa. That on top of moving and the house woes doesn't help your energy level. Hope you enjoy the MQ's birthday. How is she adjusting?

Magpie said...

You've got a lot going on. Good luck with it all, and peace to your grandfather.

Anonymous said...

You've been living! It's much much better to pay attention to what's going on around you than to the computer, regardless of whether it's a good thing like houseguests or a bad thing like serious illness.

I can only guess that the employment situation in your state is as sorry as it is in mine. I wish you luck!

Too bad I can't afford to relocate to NOLA - wouldn't that be handy?

the dragonfly said...

Sorry about the mess....but it was so much fun!! :)

flutter said...

miss you, if that helps

Kyla said...

Good of you to check in! We'll still be here when life calms down.

Emily said...

You do it when you feel like it. Sort of like sex.

E said...

How odd that you wrote today. You were on my mind this morning when I woke up after a dream with an autumnal Maypole...decorated with orange and red leaves all along the ribbons.
Then of course I thought of you and wondered how you were getting along with the move and ...well just and.
Been there...everybody has.
May I recommend hot baths, re reading old favorite reliable novels, and chocolate.
Email if you want to chat.
Nothing lasts forever..not the best stuff and thankfully not the worst either....warmly, Ellen

imbeingheldhostage said...

I am REALLY sorry about your grandfather, and can completely understand how that zaps your time (energies) even though you live away from each other. I appreciate you putting it into words because it validates the lack of "umph" I've felt for the last month or so.

I kinda miss you and kinda miss you, for whatever THAT means ;-)