Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I haven't forgotten

The fifth anniversary of Katrina came and went. I didn't post anything. It's not because I wasn't thinking about it. I woke up that morning and put on my fleur de lis necklace and earrings, as small tokens of my heavy heart.

It's odd not to be there. I haven't been watching news coverage. I haven't even watched the Spike Lee movie on HBO, although I am debating recording it. I'm not sure I have the heart to watch it right now.

It has been five years. It is no longer the only conversation in town. It shouldn't be. But it is so much a part of the fabric of the city. Lives were changed. When a community struggles though something like that... it changes you. Forever. It's good to stop and recognize that.

Nearly every New Orleans musician has written a song about Katrina. You really should check out the CD Feeder Bands on the Run for a small taste. Here is one of my favorites...I actually wrote about it in 2008, but this video wasn't made until last year:

Past Katrina Anniversary posts:

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Anonymous said...

You are not alone.

Kat said...

Though we may not all have the strong connection to the city that you do we are all remembering. Praying.

JCK said...

Such lovely Valentines, your posts, to an amazing city. I still haven't been there, but want to more than ever.

Rima said...

I can't believe it's been five years.


kaye said...

lovely video--it was a difficult time.

Jen said...

What a beautiful song. I've been thinking of New Orleans all week. I'll definitely check out the CD, too.