Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Planning for May Day: Dancing, crafts, games and food!

I can hardly believe that May is nearly here! Wasn't it just Mardi Gras?

As May Day is the official holiday of this here blog, I HAVE to have a party, of course. And from the looks of my bloggy visitors lately, there are a lot of people out there looking for May Day activities. I am here to help you.

Feel free check out previous May Day festivities, including songs, coloring sheets, crafts, etc. (2009 plans and 2009 actual, 2008 plans (and why I call my blog Painted Maypole) and 2008 actual and a homemade floral crown and a May Day poem by Tennyson).

This year there will be the usual dancing 'round the Maypole (if I get to it I may cement the pole into a bucket... last year it kept falling over). I think I may makes some anklets with bells to attach to our ankles and we'll do some dancing and knocking of sticks or waving of handkerchiefs to approximate Morris Dancing, another May Day dancing tradition.

I plan to make these adorable flower baskets (on the right) from Charlotte's Fancy. (Check out some other May Basket ideas at The Crafty Crow)

We can fill the baskets with these flowers from Family Fun.

I think I'll clear out my felt and fabric supply and make these flower pins, also from Family Fun.

My May Queen is getting more and more into games, so I think we'll play Nine Men's Morris (follow the instructions to see how to make and play this board game), which is apparently a traditional English May Day game. Maybe we'll play one of her favorite games, Sleeping Queens. Although there is a pancake queen, a heart queen and all manner of flower queens, there are no May Queens in the game... so maybe the winner will be crowned May Queen.

And May Day Hoop racing sounds like fun, too!

We'll decorate flower shaped sugar cookies. Because cookie decorating (and EATING) make any party fun! I mean, what's a party without a sugar high? (looking for a cupcake sugar high? these would be adorable, edible may day baskets.)

Whew. I think that will keep us busy! Now I better invite some kids over to share the day with us!


Magpie said...

And, it's a Saturday!

Chrissy said...

I really want an invitation to this party now. It looks like so much fun. Your MQ is one lucky girl to have you as her mom.

kaye said...

glad to here that the maypole and the mayqueen will be dancing this Saturday--I want pictures :)

Cold Spaghetti said...

These are SO CUTE!