Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bless You Boys

Hell may really have just frozen over. Not only did the Saints just win the Superbowl, but I watched a Superbowl from beginning to end, and even cheered out loud in my living room. I dressed in team colors.

I've never been a big football person. I'm married to one, but I've never really cared much.

But this? It goes beyond football. It goes beyond the Saints. It goes to the heart of this city that I have grown to love so much. It goes to the heart of the people of New Orleans. It's so much more than winning a game. It's supporting our city, our culture, our home. It's an extension of the never ending party that is living here. It's a celebration of the things we've come through together.

Before all this I read several things that say it so much better than I could dream.

Read Bayou Belle.

Read Cold Spaghetti.

Read this letter to the city of the Miami.

Celebrate with us.

Who Dat!

(and by the way, did anyone else watching the game notice how many pantless commercials there were? I had to write to Alejna, I found it so funny. Who dat say dey gonna wear no pants?)


kayerj said...

Mardi Gras and Super Bowl Champions! I'll bet that city is really celebrating!

Kat said...

Woohoo! Though I like the Colts I just had to cheer for the Saints on this one. I am just so happy for them and all in New Orleans. :)

imbeingheldhostage said...

I have seen nothing but respect and praise for the Saints so far on all of the networking sites.

So glad you had a great Super Bowl Sunday!

Rima said...

I'm probably the person least interested in football in the entire country, but even I'm ecstatic that the Saints won. It's as it should be. Have fun celebrating!