Sunday, November 16, 2008

Totally Tubular Mystery Party


1. Everybody Dress Up Tonight
2. Totally Trivia
3. You dropped a clue on me, baby
4. not so Safe to Dance
5. Eat It
6. Everybody was Verbal Sparring
7. Rubik's Cube to the Head
8. Who killed Alligator Dundee?
9. Careless Accusations
10. Pretty in Pink cake
11. Confessions
12. Celebration
13. You can leave your ears on

Lead vocalists: Alligator Dundee and Jessica Bunny

Backup vocals: Ladonna, Lindy Lauper, Toni Oregeno, Debbie Gribson, Nozzy Nozzborn and Wee Pee Vermon

The band: Danny Son on drums, Nork from Pork on "the special button", Louie Skullnick on keyboard, and El Vampira on Guitar

Produced by Polly Abdool and Spunky Brewster at Scabface studios in Miami, FL.

Special thanks to the makers of Ibuprofen for the suppression of fever and Howard Scott for special effect howls.
Alligator Dundee, Jessica Bunny and this post appear courtesy of Monday Missions. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a post in the form of CD liner notes. If you write a post, please link to your post in the widget below. (and yes, we did a murder mystery dinner party this weekend, with an 80s theme, and it was like, totally awesome, dude).

Join us next week when your mission will be to write a post in the style of a bill.

Also, I am declaring December a nostalgic month. Let me know what your favorite past mission was (one you want to try again, or one you missed and wish you had done) and I'll resurrect a month's worth of past missions. You can browse through all my past missions here. December Missions will be listed next Monday!


thailandchani said...

Very clever! I always get a kick out of reading these. :)


the dragonfly said...

I'm jealous, I love those parties. :) Looks like fun!

Kyla said...

I wrote a post in the form of a word problem today. Shudder.

Beck said...

I would laugh, except I'm too stricken at the idea of adults with adult friends who have adult parties. Why is my life so lame?

Mary G said...

Holy cow, woman. That must have been quite a party.
Love it. I also love that we do the same thing in such different ways.

imbeingheldhostage said...

That was funny-- great way to make us jealous of your life :-) (and aren't you a hawtie!)

womaninawindow said...

I think that cover might just sell a few cds!

susiej said...

You are so creative-- and you look awesome and great!! What a fun party.

carrie said...

Oh, I love this - big time!

alejna said...

Okay, so I had to go for 80s music, too. What can I say? The 80s were my formative years.

I loved your take on this. And how cool that you had a murder mystery dinner party. I've only read of such things! And I love that it was 80s themed. Dude.

JCK said...

Your creativity with these Monday missions always amazes me! Loved all the singers' names!

jen said...

you are a funny chick, woman. now i've got everybody wang chung tonight stuck in my head.

ewe are here said...

Very funny.

I finally got my posted... based on an old Rock the Meme from earlier this year. :-)

Julie Pippert said...


We did an 80s new year's mystery party for a fun time. :)

Bayou Belle said...

MOnday mission idea for ya: Write an ad to sell your house. Like a "if these walls could talk".

Louise said...

I'm so jealous of the fun you must have had!

Mark and Elayne said...

My husband and I attended a friend's birthday party of the same theme this weekend.
My husband was Nozzy Nosburne and I was El Vampira. It was awesome :)