Saturday, August 23, 2008


It's been a while since I've done a meme, but the lovely Angela at Memoirs of a Chaotic Mommy must have known I was about to hit a writers slump, because earlier this week she tagged me for one! Not only that, but it's the meme wherein I am supposed to tell you 6 quirky but not particularly interesting things about myself. (isn't this a bit of what I do on this blog all the time? don't answer that) Which is perfect, as I am both quirky and FULL of boring things. And here we go...

1. I have bamboo shoots in my pantry- While cleaning out my kitchen this week I found (in addition to the 7 year old coupon) a wide arrange of food that has been in there far too long - like the canned beets (a gift. I'm passing on to someone else), the chocolate covered pretzels (eating them... why didn't I eat them before?) and the can of bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoots??? there must have been some recipe planned there, but try as I might I can't recall it. But I put them back in the pantry. Because maybe I can google a recipe with bamboo shoots in it? Any suggestions? (this quirk was originally titled "I have a hard time getting rid of stuff", but really, is that all that quirky? Bamboo shoots, on the other hand....)

2. Despite the fact that at home I have a hard time getting rid of stuff, when I was a secretary I kept a very neat and clean office, and whittled down the years and years of excessive files that had been kept.

3. Whilst whittling said files I took all the old papers home to recycle there, since they didn't recycle at the office. (I have also been known to dig aluminum cans out of the trash at church to take home and recycle. This may come in part from being a kid in Michigan, where any can equaled 10 cents, and I earned lots of money for toys and such that way! More states should have such a good recycling program. But that's another topic....)

4. I leave my cell phone on vibrate pretty much all the time, and then leave it in my purse in another room, which is why it's not really a good way to reach me. (For obvious reasons this drives my husband nuts)

5. I really don't like having people call me on my cell phone. I think the cell phone is for MY convenience, not yours. I rarely give out the number for this very reason. And whatever you do, don't call me on the cell phone to chat. (Don't even get me started on people carrying on personal conversations in public places. Or people who will stop mid conversation with you to answer the cell phone all the time)

6. I have a really hard time sleeping unless I have a blanket or at least a sheet touching my cheek. I think this comes from having slept with a security blanket as a child.

(we now return to our regularly scheduled blog programming, in which I tell you one quirky and not so interesting thing about me at a time, but in a longer format...)


Chrissy said...

I have quirky and boring comments to go with your post:

RE #1. I now have a song from "A Year with Frog and Toad" stuck in my head about bamboo shoots. I wish more people knew that musical so I could reference it more. Do you know it?

RE #4 and 5: YES I AM THE SAME WAY. Every time my husband calls on the cell and I actually pick up, all I hear is "WHY don't you ever answer, I've been calling all day" to which I respond, "well use the house phone, duh."

He wants to get rid of our house phone and just use cells, but it would drive me CRAZY to have my cell phone ring as much as my house phone rings. Plus I don't want to be that accessible.

and AMEN about conversations in public.

thailandchani said...

Cell phones, I'm with you completely! I don't like being that accessible and it is definitely for my convenience, not someone else's.

I would like to see frequency jammers sold at a very reasonable price. When someone begins jabbering in public, pull it out and jam the frequency. :)


flutter said...

Oh my GOD. I SO read that "I have bamboo shoots in my panty" I was like, DAMN that would hurt!

the dragonfly said...

When we live in the States we only have cell phones...and if I'm busy or out I just let the voice mail answer for me. Because I agree about people having conversations in restaurants or in line at the grocery store or whatever. Ugh!

And I laughed out loud at "(For obvious reasons this drives my husband nuts)"...because I can so see this. :)

Chantal said...

I am the same with the cel phone, drives my hubby nuts.

I dropped you an award on my page!

Kyla said...

Flutter's comment made me LAUGH.

I always wonder if the people I'm with are annoyed by cell phones. I pretty much ALWAYS answer my cell in public, because it is usually Josh and I'm usually worried it is an episode or some such. But I try to be quick about getting off of the phone again.

Melissa said...

Ok I have really weird stuff in my pantry, too. I don't think bamboo shoots are too weird, but yesterday I found hominy. I don't even like hominy. Why would I have bought it?

Beck said...

I need to have sheets fully covering my chin whenever I sleep. Vampires, you see.

I have a can of coconut milk gathering dust in my cupboard - I'll mail it to you and you can make bamboo shoot-coconut stew.

MamaGeek said...

I'm so with you on items 4-6. I can't count the times I haven't answered my phone!

And a meme DOES sound pretty good right about this time of year. Oy.

Susanne said...

I thought this was about quirky things?

We always have bamboo shoots in our pantry because we need it to cook Asian food all the time. But then we just decided to skip them the next time because we don't like them.

It's a rare day when my cell phone is even set to vibrate. Mostly I use it as a watch, an alarm clock, and as a means to phone my husband when I'm going out alone. If you want anything from me, e-mail is the best option, and the landline the second-best.

When I worked in an office everything was neat and tidy all the time. Here at my home, not so much.

Nice meme.

Amy Y said...

I don't think bamboo shoots count for uninteresting ~ you are definitely the first person I've ever met that had bamboo shoots in their pantry.

creative-type dad said...

I'm with you on the cell phone. I actually prefer email.

Angela said...

I hate it when people call me on my cell phone as well...and it's my only phone! And I 100% agree with the thoughts on cell phones in public. I just wanna chime in--the car is public too people! LOL

Great answers!!

niobe said...

This brings back a memory I had successfully repressed until this very moment. My mother used to serve us bamboo shoots ALL THE TIME. Usually accompanied by chow mein noodles.

carrie said...

I am sooo with you on the cell phone thing. You have no idea! :)