Monday, July 9, 2007

Better than Vitamins

I'm not very good at taking my vitamins. I have a bottle of them, which usually sits out on my kitchen counter, but I forget. A lot.

However, there are other things that I make sure I get my daily dose of, and these do wonderful things for my health. Here are a few of them:

Skin on skin contact. I never hesitate to reach out and caress The May Queens beautiful skin. That soft skin on her legs, her arms, her back. It fills me with such peace. Touch therapy. I dread the day she will bat my hand away when I do this.

Hand holding. A small, soft hand tucked neatly inside of mine, even just for a quick jaunt across the parking lot. I try to never let the moment go unsavored.

Exercising the imagination. Making up song lyrics, dressing up, and finding a new way to entertain a bored child keeps the mind sharp.

Kisses. A sweet little mouth kissing mine. Fantastic.

Laughter. Do people without children laugh as much? I don't think so. Constant entertainment. They say laughing is better than exercising (perhaps this is why my elliptical machine is so dusty... I'm too busy laughing!)

Tickles. Giving and receiving. Ties in to laughter, but it's a different health boost. Extra health bonus if done with a mischeivious grin.

Picture books. Everything I need to know about self esteem and how to treat others, presented by cute animals, star bellied Sneetches, and elephants who sit in trees.

Hugs. Full body hugs. Knock you over hugs. Squeeze until someone can't breath hugs. And kiss on the cheek while holding tight hugs. They say hugs help you feel relaxed. Well, maybe, but they definately make you feel loved. Until someone gets poked in the eye.

Art therapy, complete with markers, glue, glitter, chalk, paint, feathers and pom poms.

How have you boosted your health today?


Candygirlflies said...

And this is the kind of health care that requires NO INSURANCE. Just a loving, wonderful family-- headed up by one spectacular mother.

Anonymous said...

I call Fiona my "Biscuit" because her hand is so nice and warm, like a biscuit.

I did quite a few chest presses today, lifting Lorenzo up out of the pool and splashing him down in. More fun than the machine at the gym any day.

thirtysomething said...

Awwwww. So on the money Girl. I also try not to let these little moments go by unnoticed. The after-bath still-moist-head snuggles, the looks on their faces while they sleep, when he calls "mommy!" still at the age of 9, listening to them laugh and play with each other down the hall, feeling those little arms wrapped tightly around my neck, it is all better than vitamins. You better believe it!

Magpie said...

Sweet. I try to remember to take my vitamin, and fish oil and Zoloft every day. But the kid - makes everything nice.

Would you email me? I can't find your email address.

bubandpie said...

It was a long time before Bub was willing to walk along holding hands - he basically just wanted to run. So now, when he gets out of the car and then comes over to where I'm getting the Pie out and says, "Mama, will you hold my hand?" I do relish the moment. It still hasn't gotten old.

jen said...

you know, i stay home w/ M for part of Mondays and we did each and every one of those things today. gold stars all around.

slouching mom said...

This is great. All of these are spot on. I am a particular fan of hand-holding, that warm, almost hot, little hand in mine.

Nothing better.

Bon said...

this is lovely. and a wise reminder.

for years, i lived in an expat community where literally everyone i knew was a 20-or 30-something childless teacher, or one of my university students. i missed the variety of life that comes with knowing people of various ages, especially children. i missed touch that wasn't sexual. i missed the laughing and the stretching of self that comes with being close to people of a different generation. and oh, how i missed childrens' books.

i think i truly am healthier now.

Karen said...

I do love the art therapy, just that excuse to get messy and make something that doesn't have to be anything. And I have a very receptive audience here at home.

stacy michelle said...

my baby started smiling at me a few days ago. that is easily the best medicine i've ever had. :)

nomotherearth said...

I like kissing a freshly washed and dried baby head. The smell of J&J soap is uplifting.

I finally did the meme that you tagged me for ages ago!

Heather said...

I love the soft soft skin! And there is no end of laughter in this house.

This is lovely.