Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I have been overcome with a sudden desire to purchase every New Orleans thing I see. If it has a fleur de lis, I want it. Tshirts, magnets, jewelry. New Orleans artwork and photographs. Foodstuff. CDs. Christmas ornaments. Books.

I want to grab hold of this place and not let go. To take with me all that I can get my hands on.

For the most part, I've managed to control myself. Except for the CDs. My CD collection has grown a lot in the last month or so.

I will probably give in a bit here at the end. Buy a few of the things I keep coming back to.

I'm afraid, though, that if I take too much of NOLA with me... if I hang too much of it on my walls, around my neck, from my Christmas tree... that it will make me more heartsick. Do I need that kind of constant reminder of what I've left behind? How will I embrace my new home if I am constantly yearning for the old? Who will understand these earrings outside of New Orleans?

I can't put NOLA in a box. I can't wrap her in paper and hope she doesn't break, then take her out and install her in Michigan. New Orleans is here.

And in my heart. Always in my heart.


chrissy said...

I felt that way about leaving Texas, too. I stood at a boutique shop welling up in tears over a sparkly cowboy boot Christmas ornament for pete's sake. I almost wondered if it would be like a breakup, where it is easier if all of the stuff that reminds you is gone, but it's still just as sad. Hope you're doing okay.

alejna said...

Oh, Painted. It sounds so hard to leave a place you love so much.

It seems reasonable to me to want a few small mementos. The earrings are charming. (And nicely compact, which is always a good quality, especially when moving.)

Magpie said...

You can visit?
I've never been to New Orleans, but I can imagine that it's a hard place to leave.

Amy Y said...

Where are you moving? I knew your house was for sale but I guess I didn't realize you were leaving NOLA. I'm sorry... but I hope you love where you're going!

Furrow said...

From NOLA to Michigan? Eeek! What a change. I'm sad for you.

Kat said...

I hate saying goodbye. And to something that you love so much. That is just so hard.
Take tons of pictures. Tons and tons.

Kyla said...

Awww, I'm sad for you. I hope your new home brings you much happiness.

Alice said...

And I am soooo disappointed I never got to visit again. Was supposed to, just couldn't dump the puppies on my dear friend yet again. She was so understanding, when one week turned into two, and all the extra emergency runs for family.

Visiting you(s), was always so peaceful and lively, especially in NOLA.

flutter said...

oh, babe I know your heart is happy and breaking