Sunday, December 2, 2007

Soooo (x100,000) tired - Monday Mission

Hey there!

Dude, I am so tired. Soooooo (x100,000) tired. Doing way too much these days. And not nearly enough TV watching. I missed Desperate Housewives last night because of rehearsal. Did you record it? Can I borrow it? Don't tell me what happened - the whole tornado thing looked interesting. Maybe.

What did you do for your assignment in Ms. Painted's class? The 'write a paper like a blog post' one? I had no time to do the research for it - did it late at night when I got in from rehearsal. Totally uninspired. I'm sure it's crap, but whatever. I'm getting a pretty good grade in that class so one bad paper won't hurt too much. I hope. Whatever. How much of our final grade was it worth, anyways? Can't be that much.

But... did you see The Big Guy this morning? Looking extra hot with that new haircut. So I guess I can't complain too much. I am one lucky girl. Of course, if I stay this busy I won't be able to spend any time with him and then he'll dump me for sure and I'll be back in heartbreak city. So must make time for the Big Guy.

Sleep? Who needs it? Besides, I can always sleep in history class.

Crap. Pop Quiz! Gotta run... at lunch you have to tell me all about what happened to YOU this weekend.



This is my Monday Mission submission. I will tell you that I had BIG plans for this one... plans that involved actual writing on actual notebook paper and scanning it in. Plans that involved fancy folding and intricate doodling.

Plans that were torn asunder when my new computer (you know, the one I bought to replace the one that caught on fire) DIED eight days after we plugged it in. Won't even turn on. (It is being mailed back to be fixed - to the tune of an extra $50 on my credit card). So my scanner? Doesn't work with this old computer. Sigh. So please, cheer me up with YOUR Monday Mission posts. Post some kickin' stuff in the style of a high school note. Be creative. Make me laugh. Make me cry. Make me forget my computer woes. Make me forget this sorry post. Write your post and link it below. Please. Because if you do? I will write things in your yearbook like "Best Friends Forever" and "Keep in touch" and "Don't ever change" and "Call me." And you can't ever have too many BFFs in your yearbook.

Quickie Monday Mission info for newbies:
What are Monday Missions, you ask? Well. Monday Missions are a weekly (every Monday! Imagine that! Although I usually get mine up on Sunday to get the ball rolling...) carnival designed to encourage us to post in a certain style. They are basically a jumping off point for your imagination; encouragement for you to think outside of the the box; a chance to try writing in a different style. You are welcome to play along for any and all, or none at all, as your fancy strikes you.

The Missions for December are:

12/3 - High School note (the kind you would pass in class)

12/10 - Photoshop Extravaganza (you've read posts where others use photoshop to add humor or make a point. Now is your chance to try your hand at this.)

12/17 - Holiday List

12/24 - Family Holiday Letter (year in review...)

12/31 - New Year's Resolutions


MARY G said...

I like your post -- that's a real girl you have there.
I chickened -- twisted the topic. Ouch! I won't do it again. Promise. Please sit with me at lunch!

alejna said...

Cool note, dude. Sorry to hear about the suckass computer problems. It totally bites that the scanner is all like flakin' out on you.

I have to say that this assignment has left me pretty stumped. I was not one to either pass notes, or have them passed to me. At least not long ones. Though now that I think about it, there were a few dialog type notes passed back and forth.

I'll have to see if inspiration strikes. 'Cause I really want you to sign my yearbook.

Chrissy said...

Do people still pass notes or is it all text messaging now?

The only thing I could think of for this assignment are ways of signing off, which I will now leave you with...
Gotta go!
Write me back!
CB+GA= 2gether 4ever
and my favorite...
2 Cool
2 B

Family Adventure said...

Love it ... although I'm sure notes are outdated in today's high schools.


Kyla said...

FA is they just text each other back and forth. LOL. Isn't that strange?

I loved this. I think I'll try once we get back from the pediatrician's today.

Unknown said...

maybe we should TEXT each other next time... have a bunch of us meet on TWITTER- that would be funny.

Kat said...

Great note!
I loved this mission. I could have majored in writing notes. Writing another one brought back a ton of good memories. Thanks for the mission. V fun. :)

Keeping It Real said...

My hectic pace pales in comparison to yours. Get some rest, girl. You'll thank me for it.

As for the Monday Mission -- aye, aye, aye! Great idea about the Yearbook Notes, but my main Monday Mission is to get through Monday. I will, however, enjoy reading your series.

Mad said...

Despite the broken computer, this is great. I'm just shocked that you didn't use the "computer ate my homework" excuse in the note itself.

niobe said...

I love mad hatter's idea. Well, at least this computer didn't spontaneously combust.

Beck said...

Hahahah. That is brilliant.

the dragonfly said...

I love it! You truly crack me up. :)

I just posted mine. It's...different, not what I'd planned to do, but kind of fun.

Christine said...

this was great! i think i actually still have old high school notes lying around.

SusieJ said...

Brilliant again. The upcoming list looks good, I might have to try.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of scanning note paper too!!!

But I just skipped class.

In HS, I had a class with a friend and we left a running note under our chair for someone in another period. I don't remember who, or if I ever knew - we went by nick names. I was Livin'Lovin'Maid - LLM - after the Led Zep song, of course.

You're definitely acing the course, so no worries.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Love it! Every Monday afternoon I remind myself to participate next week in which my little brain forgets...again!

Me thinks you need a wee bit of rest girl!

Wayfarer Scientista said...

nice. as always. you do a fab job with these missions.

Luisa Perkins said...

Very authentic--love it!

Kyla said...

I got one together. :)

Julie Pippert said...

Well done, though, even if it was a cover. Sorry about the computer.

Using My Words

Jen said...

Man - I forgot to check the MM...will do it next week.

Yeah, who needs sleep ;) Here's to lots of alertness!!