Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring is yellow

I've celebrated May Day for the last three years, since the first May I had this blog. It only seems natural that May Day be my blog's unofficial holiday.

I didn't celebrate it this year. I still have the maypole. It's in my garage. My father even commented on it just last week.

I just couldn't summon up the energy and the joy it takes to put something like that together. It was a grey day, and I ended up scrambling to get ready for a last minute audition anyway, so in a way it's good I didn't plan something. Imagine the stress.

But I did miss it.

It's been a long winter, and signs of spring are slow in coming. Spring here is yellow. Daffodils and these yellow bushes that awaken some latent childhood spring memories in me. But, oddly enough, they are melancholy. Not a riotous, joyful feeling. A spot of yellow among the mud and grey. I miss the bright pink and purple azaleas. I miss sunshine and warm breezes. Sandals and sundresses. Spring is too slow in emerging. I don't feel like celebrating. I feel like giving it a swift kick in the pants.

(MQ did note that it was May Day by asking if Angry Birds Seasons put out a new level for May Day. Sadly, no)


kaye said...

Happy May Day--I always think of you :)

De said...

Aw, it'll get there to the frozen north one of these days - and then you'd better really celebrate, because it probably doesn't last long... (While I've never been to MI, I did travel to MN in September and it was absolutely beautiful.)

Nice to know your child is as interested in the actual seasons as mine are!

Rima said...

I must say that this spring has been pretty atypical, even for the dismal midwest. I don't blame you for not bringing out the maypole. But I hope you do next year. The Maypole is what PM is all about!!!

Kat said...

This spring has been horrible. It is usually not this bad. My flowers are just now starting to emerge. Ugh. Can we just get right to summer?

I did miss your May day post. Hope spring comes for you soon!

Christine said...

someday it WILL be warm again. maybe you can have a "make up" May Day. why not? spring is in the soul, really, and not the calendar.

Emily said...

I need fruit. I need sun.

Kyla said...

Maybe you can do anbelated May Day celebration when summer arrives. Wish I could share our weather with you...I was swimming last night!