Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stretching my free dollars...

I'm feeling kind of Grinch-ish as we head into this Christmas season, and I'm working -though not particularly successfully- on getting past that (it's not so much about the holiday, and more just general Grinch-i-ness, which is part of why I'm not blogging. You don't want to read my whiny naval gazing, and I don't want to write it).

BUT... I did get to go shopping with some FREE money the other day from the fine folks at Blogher and Home Goods... you can read about it on my review blog, Painted Maypole Reviews. And enter for a chance to win some FREE money (er... gift card... you know...) of your own.

1 comment:

Kat said...

There is a lot of that general Grinchyness going around. My hubby has it too, and I admit I have a slight case of it. I think that the earlier the public wants to celebrate Christmas every year, the more I rebel and hold off. I am so sick of the commercialization of it all. Ugh.

But free money helps! ;)
Glad you got to spend some! :)