Thursday, April 3, 2008

on naming

The May Queen names her toys after how they look, such as "Pink and Purple Eyed Puppy" and "Cutie Lion" and "Sparkle Blue Pink Love." I told her it was a good thing I didn't name her the same way, or the day she was born I would have named her "Long Skinny Red Screaming Baby."

What would you have named your child(ren)?

(I figured you all deserved a short post after the previous monstrosity of an interview!)


Becky said...


I'd call mine "The Fat Crabby One." Either of them, really.

Chaotic Joy said...

Heh. Heh. We were looking at newborn pictures of Clara this weekend and The Man said "Wow" I'm sure glad she ended up cuter than THAT.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you. I was thinking that my children were terrible at naming when Lorenzo whipped out a couple of puzzle trucks and said, "this one is "Truckie" and this one is "Rocky"!" Fiona gets stuck on sounds - "This one is Leila, and this one is Lila, and this one is Lily, and this one is Le...le....Liliana." Like I'm gonna remember the difference in one minute.

thailandchani said...

Actually, I like it. Throughout history, people have named things and people that way - descriptively. Still, I'm glad you didn't name your daughter Long Red Screaming Baby or somesuch. LOL

Melissa said...

My little guy, who would have been named "Shar-pei" had I named him on looks, names everything with an -y at the end. So there was doggy, kitty, lizardy and, my favorite, veloceraptory. And then there is Louis, his favorite lovey.

Beck said...

1. Flat-headed mush face
2. Long Haired Giant Baby
3. Little tiny thing with spider hands.

the dragonfly said...

My Little Mister would have been "Silent Cone-Head." When he was first born he wouldn't cry, gave the nurses a little bit of crying but then didn't cry for about 24 hours. It's a good thing I didn't name him that though, because talk about a misnomer! This kid still doesn't cry much, but he sure does talk!! :)

Family Adventure said...

1. Cone-headed bluish thing.
2. Plump wailer.

Great post :)


heather said...

We agonized over our son's name, and even after he was born he was nameless for a day.

I think at that moment though he would have been named "OMG What Do I Do With You Now" or "Squinty Eyed Sleepyhead".

Great topic!

womaninawindow said...

My daughter: Alien conical head, please don't rectal probe me!

My son: Baby fur seal

Questions are great, aren't they?

Kate said...

Well, I had this dream of naming my children (mostly the girls) after flowers. Rose, Lily, Violet, etc. Well, seeing as I have failed to reproduce as of yet, I keep meeting said children that belong to someone else I know. So not fair. All my good names are used up.

Julie Pippert said...


How kids whip out real names and I'm all, where did you get that?

Such as: Lost Robert (originally Robert, but was frequently Lost so...), Rosa, Lilac, Robin, etc.

My kids names?

Patience = Holy crap breathe and please say that deformed skull doesn't mean brain damage

Persistence = You are my favorite child oh ye of easy labor and quick cry

Rima said...

Hmmm . . .

Bulldozer and Chatmeister, I think.

Kathryn said...

This is fun!

1- Bright-eyed, round-headed, lizard boy
2- Purple, quiet, limp, pleasebreathbeforemommyfreaksout boy
3- Long, pink, healthy, thankyouforcomingoutsoquickly boy

Kyla said...

This is tricky!

BubTar would have been call BigFoot, because his feet were HUGE at birth. Giant, really.

KayTar would have been Dainty Quiet One, Who Prefers Not to Eat. (and the last part seems to have stuck. Hmmm.)

JCK said...

Long red screaming baby...kind of long, kind of Native American sounding. Perhaps she is the Drama Queen? :)

Too funny.

Luisa Perkins said...

SO funny.

Mine would be:

1. Unbelievably Fat
2. Easy One
3. Anime Mouth Girl
4. Needs Constant Bouncing
5. Solemn Blue Eyes
6. (We'll find out in June.)

Victoria said...

Fun! Mine would have been:

"Prince Cone Head Who Wouldn't Come Out" and "Princess Fatty Who Wouldn't Fit into the Hospital Baby Onesie and Looked Like a Construction Worker Next to the Other Newborns"


Aliki2006 said...

oooh--I love this! We'd have called L. "blue-eyed, big-cheeked, fussy baby" and T. would have been "she-who-never-sleeps-but-we-love-her-anyway"

CC said...

wow. May Pole is so descriptive. My kids call their toys "dog", "hippo", "truck". LOL!

susiej said...

That is very funny! Long skinny red screaming baby! I would have named in pumpkin -- orange hair... and I did call him that for a couple of years!

soccer mom in denial said...

First boy - "kid who screamed bloody murder"

Second boy - "kid who barely made a sound and scared us silly with his silence to the point we thought he was dead"

[Funny - at about 18 months they completely switched]

Girl - "suffering little sister"

carrie said...

Katie would have been: She, who pees on the Doctor!

Wyatt would have been: That's a Big Baby!

And McRae would have been: What a Round Head!

shay said...

ha ha!!
My second son would have been, "do you think he'll grow into that nose?!"

(he did. In case you're worried)

nomotherearth said...

1. Cute but purple
2. Scrawny weezer

Christine said...

girl: beautiful budda shaped baby
boy: squished red face monster boy