Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mourning and Celebration

cross posted from my project365 blog, View from the Maypole:

My grandfather died last week... here are some pictures...

84 : 365
Three Kleenex Breakfast
When The May Queen woke up we broke the news that her Great Grandfather had died. She barely touched her pancakes, and when her plate was cleared this is what was left on the table.

85 : 365
Sanibel at Sunset
A view from the plane

86 : 365
Young Driver
Driving the golf cart was a kick for me as a child, and The May Queen and her cousin were thrilled to be deemed old enough to drive it themselves. My cousin was patient- and strong stomached- enough to let them drive round and round the cul de sac. I love the joy on their faces and the way the sunlight is captured. Grandpa would have been smiling. And then telling them not to drive with two feet ("You'll strip my brakes!" ... like mother, like daughter!)

87 : 365
I have a picture at this same beach of a 2 year old May Queen holding hands with her great grandfather... wait... let me see if I can dig it up...
There it is. Nov. 2004. We decided that taking the kids to the beach was a great way to honor Grandpa... by doing something he loved doing.

88 : 365
Fancy Dishes

We spread out the stuff, and each took what we wanted to remember, and thought we would use. The rest... most of it... we boxed up to donate.

89 : 365
Grandpa's Garden

Still blooming...


amanda said...

Beautiful tribute to your grandfather!

chrissy said...

So lovely.

Kat said...

What a wonderful way to pay tribute to your granddad.

Magpie said...

Sweet post.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Beautiful, poignant post and lovely way to honor him!

kayerj said...

mourning and celebration . . . they do go hand in hand.

Kyla said...

Beautiful photos. I'm sorry about your grandpa.

I always find it odd that people older than me still have living grandparents, I haven't had living grandparents since I was in elementary school and I never knew the ones I had too well.

Christine said...

i'm so sorry about your grandfather.